New Kawasaki Racing Widget for You Kawasaki Super Fans

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

At first I thought I saw 'Kawasaki Racing Midget'. I need more sleep.

Do you absolutely love Kawasaki? Are you constantly trying to keep up to date with their racing team?

Thanks to our recent involvement with Twitter, I’ve discovered Kawasaki’s new desktop widget to help you Kawasaki super fans stay up to date. What is a desktop widget? It’s just a simple program that is geared towards feeding you news and media.

If you are running a Mac or PC, you can have your Kawasaki info right on your desktop, right next to your stock quotes ticker and your stash of Megan Fox pictures.

Kawasaki also launched their online widget which you can implement into iGoogle, MySpace and Facebook. That’s handy!

See the rest of the article to see some screenshots of the desktop widget on a Mac and learn what you can do with it. Head over to to download it!

So what does it do?

– See the latest featured videos from Kawasaki
– Stay up to date on Kawasaki news
– Check out featured photos from Kawasaki
– See updated schedules directly from Kawasaki
– Even change the rider featured in the Kawasaki desktop widget!

Here’s a few screenshots of the installed widget on my computer (yes, it’s a Mac).

My only gripe with this, as a Mac user: It’s not an actual widget, it’s an application. It doesn’t appear in my dashboard at all, it sits amongest all the other millions of programs I have open at one time. Otherwise it seems like a good news and media ticker for any Kawasaki fan.

Go download it!

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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