E3 2009 – Any New Motorcycle Games Coming Out?

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Video game exposition has few motorcycles

E3 or The Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a giant industry event for the video gaming world and it is finishing off today. Big companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo showed off some new stuff they are working on and software companies were giving sneak peaks at games in development that are to be released over the next year.

So were there any motorcycle themed video games?

Sort of… There were no serious motorcycle racing sims on display (not even MotoGP 09 as far as I can tell). I did find 2 motorcycle’ish games for you though.

See the full post to check them out and don’t forget about Motorcycle.com’s Video Game section.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Owners – Trials HD

Xbox Live Arcade is getting an arcade dirt bike stunt game. A 2D game with 3D graphics and a physics engine that challenges you to overcome different obstacles. It seems pretty much like the 2D dirt bike games we feature in Motorcycle.com’s free game section. Trails HD could be played on your big screen though and will probably have a little more depth…maybe. I didn’t see a release date or pricing for this, but XBLA games are usually around the $15-$30 mark.

Nintendo DS Owners – MX vs ATV Reflex

Sorry but there are no screen shots yet, just announcement that it’s coming out for the #1 hand held system in the world. Check out our review of MX vs ATV on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

And that’s it! How disappointing.

Not all games for the next year are announced at E3 so maybe we’ll be surprised over the next few months and see something turn up.

Head to the Motorcycle.com Video Games section for a few game reviews and a few free ones to kill off your Thursday at the office.

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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