Ride to Work Day – Rolling in Early for 2009

Eric Schmidt
by Eric Schmidt

Mark your calendars the 3rd Monday in June is the new official date.

This years annual Ride to Work Day is picking up speed – It’s really moving! No. Really, it’s moving – to the 15th of June (3rd Monday in June).

The 18th Annual Ride to work Day is coming one month earlier this year. Ride organizers give several reasons why the ride will occur in June instead of July from now on.

Reasons like:

  • more favorable weather (worldwide)
  • better chance for new riders to participate (many European workplaces are closed in the summer – lucky buggers bikers)
  • better media exposure and ‘FIM’ endorsement

These are all great, but we all know the real reason. We just can’t wait to wear our chaps into the office.

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt

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