New Honda Fury TV Spot is Scary [Video]

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

This video almost gave me a seizure

Ok, it’s not THAT new… Somehow it slipped passed me back in April. I guess I was too busy watching people do wheelies on scooters.

The new 2010 Honda Fury TV spot has a lot of quick edits of intense scenes including a shark jumping up at your face and various animals and people screaming at you. Let’s not forget the dude getting punched in the face and people getting blown around by a tornado.

Ya, it’s INTENSE and kind of scary. You don’t see too much of the bike except for it standing stationary near the end.

Hit the jump to check it out. You might need a hug after watching it like I did.

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Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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