Milwaukee's The Iron Horse Hotel

Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

Motorcycle-friendly lodging

Historically speaking, the kinds of places that have openly accepted or invited motorcycle enthusiasts and their bikes were lacking in a number of areas. While they may have been convenient and offered motorcycle-friendly amenities, they did so with little comfort or luxury. On the other hand, accommodations on the higher end of the spectrum were pretentious and inconvenient for storing bikes and gear. The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee is out to change that by offering extravagance and essential services for travelers arriving on two wheels.
Covered and secure motorcycle parking with a wash station, on-call maintenance services and check-in carts that are perfect for transporting saddle bag contents to rooms are merely a few of the perks at The Iron Horse. The on-premise retail area offers travel essentials and riding accessories and room packages include special check-in bags complete with The Iron Horse Hotel skull cap, sun screen and lip balm, packed lunches for your saddle bag, ride routes and suggestions for bike-friendly spots throughout the area, including the new Harley-Davidson Museum.
Even the rooms are designed with features for riders and their gear, including tile entrances with custom hooks for hanging heavy leathers and benches for removing and storing boots and helmets. Restaurants and bars offer dining for groups small or large and The Iron Horse even boasts post-ride massage services. The list goes on and on as The Iron Horse even offers special shipping rates for your bike by HaulBikes and on-site motorcycle rentals from Street Eagle if you flew into town. If you plan on heading out on a motorcycle expedition this season but don’t want to compromise your penchant for the finer things in life, The Iron Horse Hotel has you and your bike covered.
Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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