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Big Little Rides, a women-owned motorcycle touring company, has announced an all-women motorcycle tour, the "Bikes & Boats" expedition in Croatia. In collaboration with The Cold Start, a company known for organizing adventurous events, BLR aims to offer a unique blend of off-road motorcycling and sailing.

(Dirt) Bikes & (Sail)Boats: A Unique Croatian Adventure

The "Bikes & Boats" tour, scheduled from September 23rd to 29th, 2024, is designed for beginner and intermediate riders. Participants will experience off-road riding through Croatia's picturesque wine country and sailing on the Adriatic Sea. The journey includes traversing mountain passes, visiting hidden waterfalls, and exploring ancient Roman roads. The tour concludes with a private sailboat trip around the Croatian Islands, providing an opportunity for riders to form lasting friendships.

"We wanted to create a tour that truly captures the essence of Croatia – its stunning natural beauty, rich history, vibrant culture, and mouth-watering cuisine," says Egle Gerulaityte, co-founder of Big Little Rides. "Combining off-road riding with sailing allows us to offer a truly unique experience that appeals to both adventure seekers and those who appreciate a touch of luxury."

Participants will ride Honda CRF250cc/300cc motorcycles, guided by professional female riders. The itinerary includes cultural experiences such as dining at local vineyards and ranches, sampling Croatian seafood and wines, and relaxing on a private sailboat. Accommodation will be in luxury spa resorts along the seafront.

The tour is priced at €3450 ($3,795 USD), all-inclusive, and is suitable for riders of all levels. If you can't make this round, another tour is planned for May 17-23, 2025.

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