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by Joe Magro

Buckminster Fuller Challenge winner 2009

A team of nine from MIT won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge with their Sustainable Personal Mobility and Mobility-on-Demand Systems, this full-scale working concept won the group $100,000 for their efforts. The RoboScooter is a lightweight, folding, electric motor scooter. It is designed to provide convenient, inexpensive mobility in urban areas.

Check out a photo of the breakdown after the jump.

“Mobility-on-Demand systems utilize fleets of shared-use lightweight electric vehicles placed at automatic charging racks throughout a city. The CityCar and RoboScooter, both folding vehicles, along with the Green-Wheel Bicycle, minimize parking space and can be picked-up and dropped-off at any rack. Mobility-on-Demand systems maximize mobility and dramatically reduce congestion and pollution through energy and land-use efficiency.” – excerpt from the team’s proposal
Joe Magro
Joe Magro

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