Community Tip: How-To Remove Motorcycle Grips the Golfer Way

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw


Webb26 from the forums has posted his method for changing the grips on your motorcycle.

I like this method because it gives me a peace of mind(coming from golf work shop background) that the grips wont budge once dry. This method also allows for great tuning options in that the amount of tape dictates how thick the grips will feel. IMHO, I believe this is a great method because using grip glue just smears the adhesive everywhere, where as the tape is just activated by the acetone/ hairspray solution, so removal and install is quick. If you have never done this before…try it on an old set or cheap set of grips, adn just give it practice…all in all, this took me about 1 min to put the grips ons, 1 min to remove the bar ends, 5 mins to clean up, and like 2 mins to remove the grips. This method is not time consuming nor is it hard.

Coming from a golf work shop, he should know a lot about grips.

What you’ll need:

  • acetone or rubbing alcohol(water down..well with water, doh)
  • new grips
  • towels and or bags for easy clean up
  • basic tools to remove bar end protectors
  • double sided tape from any golf shop..preferably the widest one possible
  • hairspray
  • tunes to listen to
  • something drink while working/admiring the new grips

The last two items are key, in my opinion.

Hit the jump to see some great pics he took of the procedure and head on over to his thread to get the details on how to change your motorcycle grips!

I miss golf. Head on over to the thread to learn how to change the grips on your motorcycle in no time at all.

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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