Community Tip: How-To Replace Your Chain

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

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The How-To’s keep on coming!

conesweeper from the Kawiforums made an awesome post about changing your own chain. It seems a little complicated and only for the hands-on but still looks like a fun projec to tackle.

Tools/supplies needed:

  • Dremel
  • Eye protection
  • Chain breaker/riveter kit (purchased mine from ebay for $50 shipped)
  • Rear stand
  • New chain w/ master link
  • Latex Gloves

Hit the jump for a few pics of the project and head over to the thread to get the details and see what others have to say about it.

Nice work on the post, conesweeper! Great pictures too!

The above pic is of the crap the author cleaned out of his front sprocket which he was able to get to easily when the chain was removed. Yuck!

A lubed chain.

Head on over to conesweeper‘s thread to get the complete low-down on how to change your motorcycle’s chain all on your own.

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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