Enertia Electric Motorcycle Available at Best Buy

Joe Magro
by Joe Magro

Bike gets plugged into the masses

According to greentechmedia.com, Best Buy and Brammo (the maker of the Enertia electric bike) have plans in place to sell the $12,000 Enertia electric motorcycle at five of the electronic chain’s West Coast stores in May. Back in September, Best Buy Venture Capital invested $10 million Brammo so this deal was the next logical step. If all goes well, the distribution will spread across the Best Buy chain of 1,200 stores in the U.S., some stores in Europe and China will also to get some supply.

The bikes will be serviced by the Geek Squad for minor and routine repairs, such as brakes, tires and electric components. The company is looking for a second round of funding to help create a small number of central distribution centers for more complex repairs or if the bike has been crashed.

The Enertia uses six lithium-ion-phosphate batteries that take about three hours to charge on a standard outlet, has a top speed of 53 mph and a 45-mile range on one charge. Brammo will be releasing a two-seater next year that will have a range of about 100 miles and can go 75 mph.

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