Tax Credits for Electric Bikes

Joe Magro
by Joe Magro

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tax credits for electric bikes
Two major players in electric motorcycles, Vectrix and Zero Motorcycles, are eligible for a 10% Federal tax credit for plug-in vehicles. Zero Motorcycles, already known for its electric dirt bikes, is launching a new street legal version, the Zero S coming sometime this spring. As for Vectrix, you can still get a tax credit on its scooters but as for its street bike concept there has been no confirmation from the company if it’s in production or even will be produced at all.

The legislation will also provide almost $2 billion to the American battery industry to tackle some of the shortcomings of electric vehicles – distance on a charge and the time it takes to full charge the battery are the main concerns. Speed is also an issue with cars, but with a top speed of 70mph on the Zero S and 50mph on the Vectrix VX-1 it doesn’t seem to be a problem on two wheels.

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