College Pair Build Two-Wheel Clothes Dryer

Pete Brissette
by Pete Brissette

Is fuel cell experiment really ultra-quiet Top Ramen vacuum?

What could be considered this generation’s Harold and Kumar, a pair of Swarthmore College engineering students have designed and built an experimental hydrogen fuel cell-powered “motorcycle.”

Sourcing parts from what looks to be an early generation Buell Lightning and the unearthed remnants of Robby the Robot, the duo may have just created the World’s quietest and slowest two-wheeled grant-waster.

Constructed with the intent to “evaluate the viability of a hydrogen economy by studying real-world data,” the two-man team says that once the experiment yields the likely results that anyone who uses a hydrogen-powered vehicle is a homo, results predicted by the pair’s Alpha Beta member roommate, they’ll abandon any legitimate research efforts and just use it to follow women that would normally avoid them.

“Since it doesn’t make any noise we’ll get a lot closer to the girls before they have a chance to formulate lame excuses to leave,” said the elder of the two.

Barring the success of that implementation, the machine will be retrofitted with a GPS to help the pair locate lesser-trafficked 7-11s that still display pornography magazines in the standard magazine rack rather than behind the check out counter.


Pete Brissette
Pete Brissette

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