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Alfonse Palaima
by Alfonse Palaima

Are you ready for the Fury and the CORE?

What the hell is that? Come back tomorrow to find out!

The New York City stop of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show starts this Friday and I think my ears have begun bleeding from all the chatter going on around the virtual office about the 2010 Honda Fury. Teaser images, patented drawings, leaky blog links and childhood-like excitement for something new from the Japanese mainstay has been filling both our homepages. But it’s an American motorcycle company that’s got my blood pumping. Known bad-ass designers and thrill seekers to boot, the folks at Victory Motorcycles also have an unveiling on Friday and I’m even more intrigued by the photograph shown on the IMS website then I am for that squiggly photoshopped image of the Fury.

I’ve looked at quite a few motorcycles in my years here at MO. And I’ve seen them in many unique ways and points of view, so I of course have been wracking my creative little peanut to figure out what this image might represent. A custom billet wheel? Not with that notch in there. A brake lever? A Fender? A finger-chap conch? It certainly seems like a cast piece by the textured shadow on the right, but the middle appears rather hot pressed. Damn you macro lenses and teaser media leaks! I’m gunna guess it’s a fender strut and come back on Friday when they let the whole wide world know what’s at the “CORE” of this concept motorcycle from Victory.

Alfonse Palaima
Alfonse Palaima

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