2009 Indian Motorcycles Delivered to Dealers

Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

Seven dealerships open with more in the works

The long-awaited introduction of the all-new 2009 Indian Chief motorcycle has finally arrived. After almost five years of, product development, testing, speculation and dealer development, Indian Motorcycle has announced that the first shipment of 2009 Indian Chiefs has been shipped to seven dealerships across the nation.

For 2009, Indian will offer four distinct Chief models, including the Chief Standard, Chief Deluxe, Chief Roadmaster and Chief Vintage with base prices ranging from $30,999 to $35,499 respectively. Production of the 2009 Indian Chief is limited to 750 units with plans to increase production in the second year.

Cruiser sales are slumping, consumer confidence is lagging and the economy appears to be going from bad to worse. Could there possibly be a worse time to revive a premium luxury motorcycle? After the original Indian Motorcycle Co. went under in 1953, the California Motorcycle Company tried to breathe life into the much desired brand of yore from 99-03 but was unsuccessful. According to company reps, over 100 bikes have already been sold with many owners already having taken delivery. Could the third time be the charm? Let’s hope so!

For more information, visit: www.indianmotorcycle.com

Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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