5 Awesome Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Kids

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Oh to be a kid again...

Wow, is it that time already?

Time to drink eggnog and be merry until I get my credit card bill and then I’ll be drinking eggnog and trying to forget how broke I am.

As we all know the most difficult part of the holiday season is the stress of shopping for gifts. I thought I’d try to help out, you the reader, by providing some motorcycle themed gift ideas for children, teens and adults. Yes we know you love motorcycles, so why not try to spread that love to your loved ones.

Think of it as brain washing!

So here are 5 awesome motorcycle gift Ideas for kids this holiday season:

The Dark Knight Batman Stealth Launch Batmobile Vehicle

Recommended Age: 4 – 8 years
Who Has It: Toys R Us
How Much: $27.99

I think I want one. I had a plethora of batman toys as a kid but none of them shot the bat cycle out of them. With the amazing success of The Dark Knight movie that came out this summer, kids are still going bananas over Batman. And why wouldn’t they? He’s got all the cool toys and now the kids can have them too.

If having the Batmobile shoot out plastic missiles at the touch of a button wasn’t enough, how about launching Batman himself (or a reasonably plasticized facsimile) out of it too! I remember in toy commercials they always had the toy missiles shooting down walls of toy blocks, now it seems the heroes just drive through them as demonstrated by Batman on his Batpod in the commercial:

The Dark Knight Batman Stealth Launch Batmobile Vehicle Commercial

Read more great gift ideas:

Power Wheels Classic Chrome Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years
Who Has It: Walmart
How Much: $154.88

I always wanted a Power Wheels Jeep when I was a kid. Heck, even when I was a teenager I wanted one just so I wouldn’t have to walk (pff, walking) to the 7-11 to get a Slurpee. It seems the Power Wheels brand has expanded into all forms of transportation and now they have electric motorcycles for kids. It actually is a tricycle underneath that Harley-Davidson body but don’t tell the kid that.

The cruiser sports a sound box for making that Harley-grunting sound and can fly down your neighborhood sidewalk at 5mph.

Tyco Turbo Wheelie R/C Cycle

Recommended Age: 8 – 12 years
Who Has It: Toys R Us
How Much: $89.99

Radio controlled toys should be a staple in every kids’ development. I loved RC cars and had a pretty good collection of them. They taught me how expensive batteries were and that my dinky RC Cars couldn’t outrun a normal car or survive a jump off my back porch.

I never had an RC motorcycle though and I think this would be one I’d want to own. The controller is shaped like the handle bars of a motorcycle and work pretty similarly. Tilt the handlebars to the left and your RC bike goes left. Tilt right to go right. Hit a button for a boost of speed to make your jumps even higher. And let’s not forget the stunt button for crazy wheelie action! Yes, I’m pretty excited about this little thing. It is a bit pricey though (well, cheaper then the Power Wheels Harley), but damn it looks fun.

Here’s an infomercial:

LEGO Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase

Recommended Age: 6+ years
Who Has It: Amazon (but you can find it pretty much anywhere)
How Much: $9.49

Alright, I’ve listed some expensive gift ideas so I thought I’d end with something reasonably priced and still awesome.

Motorcycles + Lego + Indiana Jones = Win

It’s a small play set from Lego but it’s enough for kids who sometimes find the box more entertaining than the actual toy. Sooner or later they’ll make up their own imaginary motorcycle chase scenarios and they’ll be entertained for hours upon hours. Trust me. That was my youth and I’d be proud to be a spokesperson for Lego. It’s a great toy… and there’s a sidecar in it!

For my own amusement, here’s the real Indiana Jones chase scene with that Yakety Sax music that makes it seem like a comedy act from The Benny Hill Show.

So there you have it. 5 awesome motorcycle gift ideas for children. Start them off on motorcycles when they’re young and maybe they’ll let you ride on the back of their sweet bike when you can barely remember your name.

Stay tuned for more motorcycle gift ideas for a more older crowd!

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