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Eric Schmidt
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Tom Cruises, Bono 'Calls it' and Luda signs it

Tom Cruises on his Confederate Hellcat

A man known for his epic enthusiasm (see video after the jump!), now has something he can really get excited about. What would have been a Mission Impossible for millions of other admiring Top Guns, Tommy has made a reality. The Color of Money without a doubt had something to do with Cruise rolling up to a movie premier on this, his new $70,000 Confederate Hellcat.

Cruise is a Motorcycle buff and big-time Ducati enthusiast. Apparently performing all of his own bike stunts with his Eyes Wide Shut. Risky Business to say the least, but Cruise has All the Right Moves. Why do you think he is such a Legend? (too much?) [ source]


U2 leadman, rockstar extraordinaire, charity mega-giver and all round nice guy autographs his Ducati 916 to auction off for charity. All proceeds going towards Riders for Health. The bike apparently will never be rode again, Claiming he “called it”, Bono simply pointed to his signature when told nobody “sees his name on it”. [ source]


Harley-Davidson donated a 2007 Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy decorated with celebrity signatures, including that of Hip-hop king pin Ludacris, seen here test driving the hog. Photographers report being told “move *itch, get out tha’ way!” by Luda shortly as he sped away. [ source]

Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt

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