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The relationship between a rider and their motorcycle is a very personal one. While the motorcycle manufacturers do their best to build bikes to meet the demands of most riders, everybody needs their motorcycle to do different things. The good news is there is a thriving aftermarket that can help you personalize your motorcycle to perfectly suit your individual needs.

One aftermarket company that has worked hard to stand out from the crowd is Kemimoto. This company has enjoyed success through a combination of innovative ideas, meticulous design and testing, and an enthusiasm for the sports they are targeting with their products. What began as five friends and riding buddies looking for a solution to a problem, grew into a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of quality UTV, ATV, and motorcycle accessories. Motorcycle customization is about enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, and Kemimoto achieves both to the highest degree.

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Kemimoto’s first product was a UTV mirror, developed over the course of a year after finding existing designs wanting. From there, the company grew both in the scope of its products (expanding into ATV and motorcycle accessories) and in size (from those five friends to 500 employees), utilizing knowledge and experience in the sports they love to create products that just plain work.

Kemimoto knows that nothing is worse than purchasing a new product and getting it home, only to find it does not fit, does not have all the necessary hardware, or simply does not work as advertised. Kemimoto strives to ensure its products install quickly and easily, to maximize riding time and enjoyment.

Once installed, the materials and construction of Kemimoto products are of the highest quality, with durability and reliability that comes from Kemimoto’s rigorous testing and attention to detail. Their products are a long-lasting investment ensuring years of enjoyment.

Their line of motorcycle accessories range from universal fit to model-specific, from bags to footrests to pet carriers to their original product, mirrors.

A great example is one of their latest offerings, Kemimoto bar end mirrors, which offers a versatile way of mounting a classic round mirror to your ride. It can be mounted on the end of handlebars with a 13-21mm inner diameter with expansion wedges, 8mm inner diameter with just the bolt, or clamped around the handlebar instead of in the bar end. The 360 design offers numerous mounting positions, and a ball swivel allows for easy positioning for the best rearward view.

Moving to Kemimoto’s luggage offerings, if you have a pet that likes to ride, but worry about safety and protection, Kemimoto’s dog and cat carrier can take pets up to 20 lbs in comfort. It folds flat when not in use, and even doubles as a backpack when you get to your destination. Zippered flaps reveal mesh ventilation that keeps pets cool but protects against bugs and debris, and the included straps keep Fido or Fuzzy secure.

A good example of one of Kemimoto’s universal fit products is their motorcycle license plate bracket, a beautifully machined unit that features multiple adjustments to fit a variety of bikes and plate setups. The kit includes LED illumination for the plate, as well as mounting points for turn signals, something that many fender eliminators lack.

Kickstands on asphalt on a hot day, or when parking on grass or gravel, can lead to tipped bikes and broken mirrors. Kemimoto’s kickstand extender pad provides a stylish, large footprint for your new Sportster’s kickstand, preventing it from sinking into soft surfaces, as well as protecting garage and shop floors from scratches with its rubber cover.

Other Kemimoto products include gloves, goggles, cup holders, bar and floorboard extenders, coolers, covers, racks, helmet holders, heated grips, the list goes on.

With years of experience as riding enthusiasts, and over a decade in business, Kemimoto has the passion, knowledge, and experience to bring innovative, easy to use motorcycle accessories to the riding masses. Beautiful, innovative products, ease of installation and use, and long-term durability and reliability, all combine to provide riders worldwide with the best products on the market. They also pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service, with a brand rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot, as well as great reviews and a strong following on other online platforms like Facebook.

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