5 Badasses on Motorcycles!

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

And you wonder why bikers have a bad name

Yes, motorcycle riders, you are bunch of badasses.

But there are some that stand out more then others and these are mostly found in the movies. And so we have The Sidecar’s 5 Badasses on Motorcycles to present to you.

The Terminator

We could have called this list “5.5 Badasses on Motorcycles!” because little John Conner on his dirt bike is semi-badass. He does lead what’s left of mankind in the uprising against the machines as an adult. Right? Without him, we are totally screwed. But without the Terminator to protect little John, we are even more screwed and so the Terminator gets the badass nod in this list. Here’s a clip of the T1000 trying to kill the hell out of baby conner.

I just hope that the Human Resistance of the future bought an extended warranty on their Terminator unit that covers regular wear and tear (and politics).

Ethan Hunt

Wait. Ignore Tom Cruise’s life outside of the movies for a bit and just think about the character Ethan Hunt, the I.M.F. point man. Although I preferred him in the first Mission Impossible, he seems to pull out a few tricks in the second. It mostly seems like he’s show boating while on his bike, doing stoppies, firing his gun while aiming with his mirror, saving the world from terrorists… Ok, we get it Ethan, yer good.

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Barb Wire

Yes, that’s her name. The cyberpunk movie featured Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire, nightclub owner and mercenary. Already that’s kinda badass. If Boba Fett owned the cantina in Mos Eisley spaceport he would be the king of badasses. Barbra Wire also has her own bike equipped with rocket launchers to blow up parked cars for police cars to ramp off of.

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Trinity from the Matrix is a badass for just being able to sport that very aerodynamic outfit she’s wearing. I’ll also give her points for taking a pretty nice looking Ducati. If I was on the back of that bike with her I’m not sure if I would be falling in love or pooping my pants.

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Leonard Smalls

While not the best badass name, the video will soon convince you that he belongs on this list. It seems he doesn’t like bunnies, geckos or bright flowers. And what true badass would? But instead of just frowning upon them or talking trash about peter rabbit, he blows the bajeesus out of em!

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Stay tuned for more. More badass bikers are on the way!

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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