Another Cruiser?

Pete Brissette
by Pete Brissette

Cruisers. Who needs 'em?

In a county gone mad with cruisers, from outrageous T.V. customs to 250cc Honda Rebels, the cruiser is the largest segment of the American motorcycle market. Interesting then, that despite a seeming glut in the cruiser supply, and receding sales figures from major OEMs in the past year, that new cruiser models keep coming.

So who’s responsible for the continued influx of cruisers? Apparently, you, the American biker/consumer, that’s who.

Suzuki’s newest bike in this segment, the 2009 Boulevard M90, a 1,432cc sport-cruiser, was partly influenced in design with direct help (for the first time ever according to Suzuki) from the consumer. By way of usual research, and putting concept models in front of focus groups, the primary design of the M90 was then selected with final polishing done by Suzuki.

Kevin Duke reported back from his time aboard Star’s latest model, the V-Star 950. Here are two brand new cruisers priced between $8-10K in what is supposed to be a soft market. And it’s not just the Big Four. Harley continues to develop new models like the V-Rod Muscle while continuing to keep its pricey CVO line-up fresh.

Look at this guy. He can’t believe he’s ridin’ another cruiser!

The cruiser is here to stay, and within certain displacement limits, they should be as far as I’m concerned. Many would argue against me here, saying that other models and styles make better options, but many cruisers make great bikes for beginners, a variety of female riders and riders re-entering the scene after years of being out of the saddle.

Most cruisers have low seat heights, comfortable ergos, and with the exception of large-displacement bikes, very manageable power. So I say, keep ‘em comin’!

Chime in and tell me I’m wrong; I’m ready.

Pete Brissette
Pete Brissette

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