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Alfonse Palaima
by Alfonse Palaima

MO blows out the candles

For those paying attention to the motorcycle industry this year, you may have noticed how many anniversary models have launched. It’s a banner year for getting older. And it’s time again for Motorcycle.com to celebrate its birthday, on Saturday. November 1 is the 14th anniversary of MO’s facelift and launch into the web web web as we know it today.

Reading skills are dropping like bank account balances these days, but some of us can still seam together a pair of thoughts and tell a good motorcycle story. Thanks go out to the fans that’s have stuck it out with us! I know reading is hard work but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth the effort. At minimum, it’s not boring time spent on the planet.

Last year I had to blog the news to myself, but now that we’ve got “The Sidecar” in action, I get the opportunity to hoot and holler right here in my own house! We’re getting old! Yeah for us! And the Sidecar staffers’ blog is just the latest addition to the growing family of Motorcycle features under this one umbrella.

Others will find the specs section particularly useful, or the classifieds section we just launched in September.

If you can’t get enough of our gritty insights, lonely rants and ridiculous speed-demon tales right here on Motorcycle.com, perhaps you’ll be interested to learn that many of our most popular videos are also available on our YouTube Channel. Break out of the 320 by 240 flash box and get a glimpse of some full screen moto-love, direct from the crew at MO by way of YouTube today. Not all of our videos are on there yet, but we’re adding to the collection every week, so check back often!

With age comes wisdom, and as we now cruise into our 14th year as the leading online motorcycle publication, we’re gunna stay on the throttle and bring you more features every week. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay abreast of the latest feature stories and events. Come back often and vote for Babe of the Month, get yourself a chance to win that LoJack system or get an insurance quote for your bike.

Motorcycle.com is here to be your one source for everything motorcycle. Thanks for being here with us for all these years!

Alfonse Palaima
Alfonse Palaima

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