Boots, Bikes and a Garbage Truck

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Good things come in big green trucks

A motorcycle convoy escorting a garbage truck carrying 140 pairs of boots was due to arrive at a police station in Texas today.

I know, that sounds like the set up for a joke or a college prank, but it’s for a very worthy cause.

The Reguladores Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club and garbage disposal company Waste Management, Inc. are donating the boots to the Galveston Police Department after the officers’ footwear was ruined from their efforts in helping the city in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

“Those officers held their ground,” says Philip Cash, president of the Montgomery County-based Lonestar Chapter of the Reguladores. “They didn’t cut and run, and they didn’t call in sick. That’s Texas, and we want to show are appreciation.”

The Reguladores, a law-enforcement-based motorcycle club, also raised $6,300 which was used to buy 6,000 pounds of items such as baby products, food, drinks, insect repellent, bleach, buckets and mops to police officers in the greater Houston area.

“In the tragedy of Ike, and the difficult times following, it became apparent that people need people,” says Todd Vaughn, Montgomery County chapter secretary of the Reguladores. “Our officers who worked exhaustive hours away from their families in all the affected areas deserve our thanks.”

Waste Management provided their support because it recognized the importance of good footwear. Moisture from rain and saltwater, as well as debris from Hurricane Ike had left the boots of the Galveston Police in ruins.

“We employee 30,000 drivers across the country who are on their feet all day, so we make sure that our drivers have the best footwear possible for all types of weather,” says Mike Lavengco, Houston market area general manager for Waste Management. “Plus, we consider our drivers to be first responders after the hurricane, working hard to pick up all the household waste that is generated after a hurricane. We can relate to the police officers’ need for new boots after Ike.”

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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