Why you’d rather watch a bunch of MOrons attempt to explain a thing with their mouths when you could read our eloquent prose instead still escapes me. I’m with Flaubert: “Human language is a cracked kettle on which we beat out a tune for a dancing bear, when we hoped with our music to move the stars.” Well, I guess there is that whole advantage of seeing and hearing the vehicle in motion…

Although some of our earlier MO videos could use a little, ahhh, polishing, some of them are pretty damn good considering the skimpy budgets we’ve had to work with.

What’s really curious is which videos people choose to watch. It seems unlikely that regular sophisticated MO readers have much in common with the people who stumble onto our Youtube channel? If you asked me to rank MO’s Top 10, I might have picked just one of these. Luckily, Youtube is keeping track and makes it easy to see exactly where the love flows. It’s not perfectly scientific, of course, mainly because the longer a vid has been online, the more time people have had to see it, but you can definitely get an idea which way the wind blows – and the winner’s been online less than two years. Wait, why am I not in any of the Top 10?

  • Ian Parkes

    Quite agree with your first statement. Even though most of you are also pretty damn good at explaining things with your mouths – and remarkably good at not talking over each other like idiots – there’s nothing to beat a story on paper (err… pixels?). Everyone loves a well-hung sentence.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I praised your scrambler video when it came out. And I still think that it’s THE best video shot by MO. Awesome vistas, ice-clear sound, nice depth-of-field use, adequate (and not loud) music, very coherent storytelling, professionally cut. It really is almost at the Top Gear level of video quality.
    Also liked tons of JB sarcasm and envy 🙂