8. Ogio Mach 3 Motorcycle Bag, $139

Ogio Mach 3 Motorcycle Bag

For the rider on the go, a knapsack is a primary means of carrying cargo. However, they offer a couple major flaws: They flap in the wind and, if accidentally left unzipped, allow lighter contents to blow away. Ogio’s Mach 3 Motorcycle Bag addresses the flapping problem with a streamlined, molded exterior. Since the bag opens on the side that is pressed against the rider’s back, the snugness of the shoulder straps prevents anything from falling out at speed. In addition to traditional knapsack features like a large central compartment and organizer pockets, the Mach 3 has many motorcycle-specific, features: Removable off-center hip belt won’t scratch gas tank, 360-degree retro reflective safety piping and logo, and an ergonomic, padded and fully adjustable riding specific shoulder straps with quick release exit buckle. See your local Ogio dealer.

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