We were shocked and saddened and bummed-out to hear about Erik Buell Racing’s latest financial setback last week, but maybe not completely surprised. When you’re out there on the edge of traction, sometimes you fall off, especially when you get bumped by corporate nabobs. This isn’t the first time our favorite motorcycle iconoclast has had an unplanned dismount. (I, for one, know the feeling…) But a big reason we love the man is because he never fails to get right back in the saddle. Another reason is because he doesn’t choose the path of least resistance and maximum profit and personal safety, preferring to build outrageous American motorcycles nobody else has had the courage to do since Al Crocker. Here’s to Erik and to hoping all the good people at EBR doing God’s work will, ahh, bounce back once again and keep doing it ASAP.

  • Craig Hoffman

    My favorite part? Erik got the girl of his dreams! It may be awhile, but we will hear from Erik again, without a doubt.

  • ADB

    John Burns, you are on a roll this week. Great article.

    • Goose

      What he said. This, Garage Love and the mid sized adventure shoot out, wow. Great work formerly bitter little man. A real pleasure to read any and all.

  • Campisi

    No Buell retrospective is complete without at least a glance over the whole Blast saga.

    • Robert Latimerburnshurst-Tribe

      Some people love the Blast, some people never understood…There is a whole cult following of the little bike

  • Old MOron

    UP: Having John Burns as his chronicler.

  • JMDonald

    A few years ago I rented a Ulysses at the local Harley dealership while visiting my parents. I loved the thing but not enough to pull the trigger on a Buell purchase. Why is it we so badly want this guy to succeed? Maybe we all want to be like him to some extent. I’m sure there are any number of reasons. Party on Mr. Buell. I wish you well.