To think this bike is 17 years old is nearly unfathomable. It looks as if it could be on showroom floors of Yamaha dealers today. The YZF-R7 is the last of the 750cc homologation racers from Yamaha. Like the OWO1, the OWO2 was expensive ($32k), and rare (only 50 imported stateside). Even if you could afford one it was likely you couldn’t get it because R7s were destined for race teams to win races. Sadly, the R7 never managed an AMA Superbike Championship, nor did it attain WSBK championship glory in the hands of bin-it-or-win-it Noriyuki Haga. Regardless, the R7 remains one of the coolest 750cc factory race bikes with lights a person can own. If Yamaha updated the R7 with modern components and electronics and offered it as an affordable competitor to the only remaining 750 superbike, Suzuki’s GSX-R750, we’d be there with wallets open, because, as good as today’s literbikes are, a 750 superbike remains the best balance between horsepower and weight. Go ride a Suzuki Gixxer 750 if you don’t believe us.