7. Ducati 851/888

Ducati 851

If Tamburini was just getting his feet wet at Ducati with the Paso, then the 851/888 cemented his arrival. Like the Paso before it, Tamburini was more involved with the styling of the 851 rather than the design of the whole motorcycle. With that said, the 851 perfected the fully enclosed motif of the Paso, making it look less bulbous while still leaving the bystander – and competition – wondering what lies beneath that bodywork.

The 851/888 also deserves special recognition, as Marco Lucchinelli took it to victory in the newly developed World Superbike series’ first weekend.

  • Matt Maddalena

    I was all set to argue the placing of the Brutale, F4, and the Bimota HB1, but then I realized you wrote an article about the most “Significant” designs, not the most beautiful. In that case your listing makes perfect sense, but I still rate those 3 above even the 916 for aesthetics. Good article, a fitting tribute to a man’s who’s impact will be FOREVER felt… Ciao, Mr Tamburini. Until we can ride together in Heaven.

  • JMDonald

    Genius in design shows itself as true art and can only be developed over time. Tamburini’s influence will be felt for many years no doubt.

  • Great story Troy! Really good reading.

  • Billy Jack

    Adrian Morton designed the MV Agusta F3, not Tamburini. To not even mention Morton’s name – and to call the F3 a “fitting send-off for the legendary designer (Tamburini)” – is way, WAY off base. In interviews I’ve read with Morton, he actually had to defend his design against the input of both Tamburini and Castiglioni, both of whom desired that it look more like the F4. Whatever minimal (and largely unknown) influence he may have had on the F3, by way of critique, it certainly doesn’t belong on a list of “…Motorcycles Designed by Massimo Tamburini”.