8. Ducati Paso 750

Tamburini's Dream Machine

When Cagiva purchased Ducati, Tamburini was hired to help bring Ducati back to prominence. His first project for his new employer was something to bring Bologna into the future. The Paso 750 was the result. Named after racer Renzo Pasolini who lost his life in the 1973 Italian Grand Prix, the Paso was significant for a number of reasons. First, the Paso incorporated a new design that enclosed all of the motorcycle’s mechanical bits, including the 750cc Twin, underneath the bodywork. It also used a chromoly steel square-tube frame instead of the trellis design Ducati is known for today.

The Paso was a departure for motorcycle design of the time, and some might even say it influenced the design Honda copied for its Hurricane line. Unfortunately, this bold new design only saw marginal success on the sales floor.