9. Bimota SB2


The trend of less-than-attractive Bimotas continues here with the SB2, but it hardly matters because when it was released in 1977 it was one of the most advanced superbikes of its time. Some may call the bodywork ugly, but it was aerodynamic. Underneath it all was a chromoly tubular chassis, engineered to make removal of the Suzuki GS750 engine easier.

The SB2 featured adjustable steering geometry, magnesium wheels, Brembo brakes, and was one of the first sportbikes with a single shock – all of which were highly advanced for the time. No surprise then that the SB2 handled very well, and combined with the potent Suzuki engine, it was a highly capable performer in all aspects. If you have one of the 70 examples ever created, consider yourself one of a very lucky few.