2. Valencia MotoGP

Valencia MotoGP

Spanish racing fans are crazy (in a good way), and since the Valencia round is the last stop of the MotoGP calendar, it represents the last chance for rambunctious GP fans to throw a three-day long party. Raise the enthusiasm meter even more if the points chase (in any of the three classes) hasn’t been decided, and raise it higher still if a Spanish rider is in the hunt for a championship. The bar gets raised yet again if, as in 2013, Spaniards have a chance at clinching all three championships.

Historically, crowds get rather large on race day and certain celebrities like Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise have been known to make a stop to catch the action. Throughout the spectator areas fireworks abound, and it’s not an unusual sight to see a random car engine propped onto wooden pallets, a giant megaphone welded to its exhaust manifold. It’s sole purpose in life to generate massive amounts of noise. It’s absurd. It makes no sense. And it’s absolutely glorious. If you want to see MotoGP fandom on another level, get yourself to Valencia.