Since cats and porn seem to be the two most popular internet topics, I thought what better way to attract attention to MO than by combining such popularity with motorcycling. After exploring the idea further, I discovered that, when it comes to both motorcycles and porn, there’s a lot more male-on-male than I ever would have guessed. Be warned, unless that’s your thing, then grab the hand lotion. Anyway, I was told after the fact that the motorcycles and porn idea was too racy, even for MO. So here’s the second most popular internet topic and motorcycles. Unsurprisingly, a lot of porn came up even when I was researching this!

  • http://www.motorcycle.com/ Sean Alexander

    Anne Hathaway > Halle Berry!

  • john burns

    well I can’t believe you left out the original Catwoman, who used to ride the Batcycle all the time as I recall. Whatsername?
    But if you can get me a deal on a lion balaclava, I will forgive you.

  • SXV 550

    My siamese was deeply disappointed you left out the best breed T-Rod

  • Piglet2010

    #3 – It is the Catbus from “My Neighbor Totoro”.