Old School


Continuing with the retro theme, we have cruiser-styled Grom called the MSX125 Old School by Old Style2011.

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The Old School features high handlebars, big front wheel – and check out that wrapped exhaust! The sparkly gold and silver paint completes the retro look. This modified Grom was created for Honda’s Bangkok Motor show display but we can’t help but feel the color and graphics have a bit of a Yamaha feel to it.

Photo by ThaiSpyShot.

  • Driver

    Are you kidding us? It’s
    a lot of fake junk up there is what it is. Seems like the only thing you had
    to do to qualify for this”article” is slap some lipstick on a pig and claim some
    resemblance to something else and be in proximity to the Bangkok show. Stock engines, stock rear sets, stock
    plastics with a paint job, etc… and those are considered heavily modified? Maybe a ‘little’ custom but not SERIOUSLY modified.

    Come on, seems
    the only REAL thing you had to do was get your faked out tribute Grom into the
    Bangkok show and you qualified for this fake list. Where’s the Paningale
    Grom, the Squeezebox Trom (Trail 70), Composimos’ Handb https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8cd36df3de321ba1fee6ee5c36f17cc2b0c7cfdce625c8c243b58a3803c068ea.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a997602da6e1bc2e577af686e7b45e9d68cfa81951be8a9349a89f9410ed540b.jpg ilt Grom, the CRF450 powered Grom and any of the CBR250r Groms? Those first 3 are absolutely and unquestionably the MOST MODIFIED Groms on the planet today, it’s not even close and not a one on the list.

    FakeNews? Meet “Fake List”. Just so much more click-bait….