9. Lightweight, Simple,“Fixed Income” Motorcycles


No wonder old guys quit riding, if all they’ve ever ridden are full-dress Hogs and Gold Wings. Light has always been right in my book, especially when the lightness extends to the price. One of our favorites is Kawasaki’s Versys 650, new last year with rubber engine mounts and other improvements that make it one of the world’s great do-it-all motorcycles for $7,999.


Even lighter and cheaper, and a personal fave of mine, is the Honda CB500X, one of three late-model Hondas to make use of its excellent, fuel-efficient and fab 471cc parallel-Twin. Even with a bunch of upgrades for ’16, the ABS version sells for $6,799, with a claimed curb weight of just 430 pounds. Even though it’s an “Adventure Bike,” the seat’s only 31.9 inches high. If you need lower, the CB500F is almost as hip – and cheaper and lighter still.