There are some traits to modified Ducatis that are seemingly mandatory, like exposed belts and see-through clutch covers. Eccles remained true to that unwritten rule with the Hyper Scrambler. He didn’t stop there, however, as the Scrambler’s clutch was converted from a cable unit to hydraulic, the frame was stripped of its black paint and recoated in “Rosso Corsa,” the same paint swath used on the Ducati Superleggera and on Ducati’s MotoGP race bikes.

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Internally, the Scrambler’s 803cc engine remains stock, but it was vapor blasted to remove the black coating applied at the factory. Eccles wanted the bare metal to shine through. Looking towards the fuel tank, you can also see the stock ignition was relocated to a tab underneath the main frame spar. It’s cruiser-esque if you ask me, the ignition on the side like that, though Eccles never mentioned that as the inspiration for the relocation. Tidying up the front of the motorcycle was the goal, and this was a convenient place to move the ignition, since the ECU is in close proximity just behind it underneath the fuel tank.