Like many of today’s motorcycles, the Scrambler is littered with plastic panels and superfluous hardware. The Hyper Scrambler “adds lightness” by removing every unnecessary panel or component. Obviously all the plastic is gone, but so too is the ABS. Beyond eliminating a few pounds, Eccles ditched the ABS because “I don’t think a bike like this needs it, really.” Unnecessary engine tabs were smoothed out, the wiring harness was reduced to the absolute minimum number of wires needed, the stock airbox was ditched for a pod filter (from a snowmobile, no less), the 1300-lumen LED headlight was taken from an 18-wheeler and now sits vertically, the original fuel tank was replaced with this custom-shaped, 2.6-gallon steel tank, and the entire rear section of the bike was cleaned up as well (more on that later).

With an empty fuel tank, Eccles says the Hyper Scrambler weighs 325 lbs. For comparison, “a 300cc Vespa scooter weighs one pound more,” he says. Which would you rather have?