7. Aerostich Roadcrafter R-3


Big deal if I get wet in Arkansas, I thought, it’ll be a nice warm rain in May. Wrong again; the rain was pouring down and the bike thermometer said 53 degrees. Since I was riding a big American cruiser, I’d thought about jeans and a leather jacket and throwing a rain jacket in the trunk. I would’ve hypothermed out and been miserable.

Aerostich Roadcrafter 3 Review

Instead I wore my new Aerostich Roadcrafter R-3 (third generation) and I’m glad I did. The new R-3 is completely waterproof and not much harder to take on and off than a jacket. Not only did it keep me warm and dry in the cold rain, it also kept me cool and happy crossing the burning sands. Still the most convenient onesie ever devised by man.