7. The Bubba Scrub


Two words are all you need: Bubba Scrub. There might be no greater recognition of skill than creating a new technique that everyone now follows. Kenny Roberts wowed the road racing world by putting his knee on the ground, and James “Bubba” Stewart did the same for motocross with the Scrub. Recognizing that in certain situations getting airborne was losing him time he could better use accelerating, Stewart invented the Scrub to minimize the hang time and maximize the amount of time power gets delivered to the ground. Say what you want about Stewart’s racing style or attitude, but there’s no denying his talent.

Be warned: the music in this video is terrible, so watch it with the sound turned off.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    None of what i’ve seen is possible, please stop posting fake videos…
    P.S. And u-turn is indeed hard. Wait, what are you laughing at?

  • JMDonald

    I popped a wheelie coming out of a curve once.

  • beus

    what a bunch of crap
    Where are the 1000 foot endos
    and wheelie combos
    this stuff is not very hard to do
    lettuce be cereal

  • Shahin Alvandi

    I can’t walk this well!

  • Tim Kern

    Sure, I’ve done all that stuff. On a Grom. Just never had a camera crew, that’s all.
    No; I do that kind of stuff just once. After that, it’s it’s too boring. Gotta catch me when I do something new. Sorry.
    Then I woke up.