This is merely my subjective list of 10 good things, but there are really no bad things about riding those few hundred miles from MO’s SoCal headquarters to the Monterey peninsula; blasting over a few mountain ranges, making time up the spine, toasting the coast. Mother Nature pulled out all the stops in the scenery department, the weather’s perfect, we wangled six great bikes (more on them next week). The fact that it’s a World Superbike and MotoAmerica race weekend is really just a bonus.

  • Old MOron

    I know you’re mostly playing around, but this is good stuff. I can’t wait to work “agapanthus” a “hummock” into my repertoire.

    The person who made you the “Big Gun” at Restaurant 1833 has a nice manicure. I hope she makes her way into the shootout report next week.

    One for good ol’ Duke is recovering for a while: Carpe throttlem!

  • Old MOron

    PS: if you’ll forgive my attempt at “name dropping”, this is overlooking the golf course at Pine Mtn Club, right? I don’t care what they call that road now. It’s still Cerro Noroeste to me.

    • john burns

      yup. Frazier Park.

  • Old MOron

    PPS: sorry, I can’t seem to shut up:
    “Too bad none of the female staff wants to bond with us also. Maybe next year.”
    What ever happened to Sister Mary Kim, anyway?

    • …Married with children. Living in the desert about 10 hours from here.

      • john burns

        you didn’t run a very tight convent.

      • Old MOron

        Hmm, obviously felt she needed plenty of distance between herself and MO 🙂

  • Starmag

    Both the BRP and PCH challenge you to decide whether to race or take in the scenery because they are spectacular for both.

    I’m sure you guys managed to Duke it out without Kevin, but somehow I don’t think it will be as hip as usual..

    I was going to ask who’s hair-brained idea this was until I saw those final pics.

  • 12er

    So you did make it up to fox hill…

    • john burns

      Blackbear Diner, si. Fox Hill no.

      • 12er

        #4 Being there, pic of Fox Hill this year. Photog must have wandered up from turn 6…

  • JMDonald

    Most of the ten would add to any trip. They make life worth living no? We live in the best of times gentlemen. The road to Laguna Seca is a road worth riding.

    • Jon Jones