Last week came the announcement that Victory Motorcycles was being shut down, but Victory’s death knell actually tolled in early 2011 following the announcement Polaris Industries had acquired Indian. All the good will in the world to keep Victory afloat is no match for bottom-line data, and in just a few short years the Indian brand has eclipsed Victory in growth, profit potential, consumer popularity, and overall coolness.

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As motorcyclists, we all feel some pang of compassion for a fallen OEM, especially one of the few which comprise the small made-in-the-USA circle of motorcycle manufacturers. Don’t be surprised, however, when the hipster crowd (or whatever identifying title they use) discovers the abandoned brand 20 years from now and rejuvenates Victory from boat anchor to counter-culture custom star (No, that wasn’t a joke referring to Yamaha’s recently deceased cruiser brand).