Last week came the announcement that Victory Motorcycles was being shut down, but Victory’s death knell actually tolled in early 2011 following the announcement Polaris Industries had acquired Indian. All the good will in the world to keep Victory afloat is no match for bottom-line data, and in just a few short years the Indian brand has eclipsed Victory in growth, profit potential, consumer popularity, and overall coolness.

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As motorcyclists, we all feel some pang of compassion for a fallen OEM, especially one of the few which comprise the small made-in-the-USA circle of motorcycle manufacturers. Don’t be surprised, however, when the hipster crowd (or whatever identifying title they use) discovers the abandoned brand 20 years from now and rejuvenates Victory from boat anchor to counter-culture custom star (No, that wasn’t a joke referring to Yamaha’s recently deceased cruiser brand).

  • Jon Jones

    I’m a bit heart-broken by the Polaris shutdown.

    I feel for those who really try.

    • Numbone

      Polaris isn’t shutting down.

  • Jim

    If you can find a good deal on a new or used Victory bike, now is the time to buy one! If you keep it for 10 years or longer, you’ll get your money out of it. They’re reliable and easy to maintain, and it’s very possible that it will retain fair value, even if only for sentimental reasons. Heck, buy three of them and keep at least one running for several lifetimes.

  • clasqm

    #11: Brammo. How does a company make a major acquisition one year and get unceremoniously closed down the next?

  • Joe Bogie

    My local dealer in Temecula, CA (Temecula motorsports) has a brand new Vegas 8-Ball for $8600. Ironically I traded my 2014 Vegas 8-Ball in there 16 months ago for the Vision I have now……

  • Ron Hayes

    I am glad that the Victory Drag Racing team with Matt Smith finished with a last win (“Victory”) in its last NHRA race of the season. I believe they will operate for one more year but just like Buell, they will be missed.

  • Mike Patton

    It’s just like all of the jap bikes- they never really looked right. Now that the Yuppies have lost interest, and the tv shows have dried up, there is not enough customer base. Same thing for Indian. It will be short lived. If riding a motorcycle was only about having the best engineered machine, then Yamaha and BMW would have crushed everything in the industry years ago. All of the stuff now looks too plasticized and like they are going for a pseudo art-deco thing. It’s just fake. But hey, someone made money for awhile.

    • oldrepo56

      Times change, tastes change. I grew up in the 70’s. the most popular bike was a 350 Honda and the Olds Cutlass was the biggest selling car in America. Government or Business , doesn’t matter; if you don’t listen to the real people out there- you’ll be out of business or out of office.

  • kenneth_moore

    I swear I read an article right here on MO when Indian started up where Polaris executives said unequivocally that they would NOT shut down Vic as a result. In fact, they had a long, detailed explanation how the two brands were aimed at different markets, that the bikes wouldn’t compete with each other, and that Indian would grow in parallel with Vic, with both succeeding in their own spheres.

    So yeah, that was bullshit. Anybody who thinks “business” is inherently smarter than, for instance, “government,” really isn’t paying attention.

    • JMDGT

      The government us so smart they have managed to saddle us citizens with Twenty Trillion Dollars of debt.

      • kenneth_moore

        And Harley Davidson, a company that literally had people waiting in line to buy their product for almost 2 decades, had to take a govet6nment bailout in ’08, and is currently over $600 million in debt. So, like I said, if you think “business” has the answers, you aren’t looking close enough.

        • JMDGT

          My local school district takes 75% of my property taxes to support a system that carries a Billion dollars worth of bond debt. That’s right a Billion. I don’t have any children or own a Harley yet I am forced to support government schools and failing businesses through government bailouts. A truly Free Enterprise system allows companies that are poorly run to fail. This process also allows their assets to be absorbed or purchased by other entities that can put them to better use. It is not the responsibility of government to pick winners and losers. It is not their responsibility to educate my non existent children. If I had them it would be mine. I don’t have any so why should I pay for someone else’s? Harley should have been allowed to go bankrupt. Everyone including Harley would have been better off. At least I am not being forced to buy a heavy hard to stop hard to turn motorcycle. Yet! Stupidity in government and business is legion. Taxes for any purpose other than those enumerated in the constitution are evil.

          • kenneth_moore

            We all make sacrifices to live in a society. I’m happy to pay for other people’s kids education because I know that’s their best chance at becoming useful citizens and not criminals. As for letting businesses that fail actually fail, theoretically I agree, but in practice I think it would have resulted in a financial disaster that would have equaled the Great Depression. Personally I’m glad we didn’t have to go through that.

          • JMDGT

            An agreed to sacrifice is one thing. Forced sacrifice is serfdom. Rationalization helps justify almost anything. Even bad business practices.

          • kenneth_moore

            You agree to play by your society’s rules every day you live in it and benefit from it. You’re allowed to change the rules if you can get enough people to go along with your ideas on how things should work.

          • JMDGT

            When did the state offer the option of participating or not? I must have missed it. I can’t recall ever agreeing to having a punitive amount of my earnings stolen and spent on unconstitutional programs or to support someone else’s children or life style. Please enlighten me.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            Somalia has super low taxes. You should move there – I hear it’s lovely in Winter.

          • JMDGT

            You heard wrong. Somalia is a shit hole. I will remain at my holmstead here in Texas while the weather is good. If the weather gets too bad I will stay at my second home in Arizona. If my tax liability wasn’t so immense I could afford a few more homes.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            You’ll really like it! There are no taxes and you can shoot anyone that comes onto your land whenever you like.

          • JMDGT

            As usual you have nothing to add to the discussion.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            As usual you are charming as pecan pie.

          • Pale Face

            I also have no children and am forced to pay for the Marxist Communist indoctrination of my neighbors children. The government that is supposed to protect my rights has become guilty of the very evils that it is suppose to punish. The law is perverted and the police powers of the government are perverted along with it. The law has become a weapon of every kind of greed. The state has become the great fiction by which everyone tries to make a living off of everyone else. It is fueled by stupid greed.

          • JMDGT

            The State always has been and always will be the enemy of the people.

      • SerSamsquamsh

        While I agree that big government unrestrained is dangerous please go to infowars if you want to rant about shit that isn’t motorcycle related.

        • JMDGT

          While I agree that this site is motorcycle related the comments are analogous to the discussion of government effects on business. If you are not astute enough to understand that shit please limit your diatribe to topics that you have a chance of understanding.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            I hear and understand your concerns Texas. I double checked the subject of this click-bait but it does seem to be about a failed motorcycle company, not the national debt. Odd platform for an anti-government rant.

          • JMDGT

            The reference was to Kenneth’s statement about those in government being smarter than those in business. The correlation being there is no shortage of stupidity in either one. I gave an example i.e. the debt. The conversation followed the natural progression and elaboration of the points made. If you have or had something to add to that part of our discussion then do it. If not direct your insults to your contemporaries at info wars and your intellectual equals in Somalia. The only odd thing about discussing government incompetence in a motorcycle forum is your failure to understand it. Then again based on your comments that isn’t so odd at all. Participate if you have any salient points to add. If not refrain from the low IQ insults. They only highlight your inability to think with any coherence or complexity.

          • SerSamsquamsh

            Judgmental Moderately Demented Geriatric Texan.

            So easy to get you to launch into ad hominem. You must be a swell neighbor.

  • Numbone

    Who cares? Polaris bought Indian and wants to market their cruisers under that banner instead of Victory. Get over it already. Is it a Chevy or GMC, Dodge or Ram – they’re just names already.

    • Matt

      Actually Victory and Indian share very few of the same parts. Except for the Scout and Octane models they are completely different bikes.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    I love how everyone is gushing and fawning over the Octane now that they’ve finished bludgeoning Victory to death with it. It was a great bike the whole time you were bitching about it not being a cramped up cantankerous hillclimbing prototype nobody in America would’ve bought, don’t change your tune now! Thanks for ruining my chance to get an affordable performance bobber when I was almost done saving for it, you jerks. Enjoy your Racialslur Motorcycles!

  • Craig Hoffman

    It is probably fair to say Victory is the major reason that Harley has stepped up its game in the areas of power and handling. Competition will do that.