Now you’re in a pickle! You thought that with just a little more effort the bolt would turn. It did – only the head twisted off in the process. Perhaps, instead, the corners of the bolt are rounded beyond recognition. Or maybe you just stripped the phillips out of the phillips head screw. Regardless, the fastener is damaged beyond repair. What do you do now?

How To Extract Stuck Screws.

Home mechanics have a long history with breaking bolts or stripping heads or having a fastener simply refuse to budge. Although the pros may mock the less experienced, amateur wrenches, here’s a little secret: They mangle fasteners, too. What sets them apart is that they know how to get themselves out of the hole they’re in (mostly) without digging it any deeper.

  • john burns

    Nice. Say, is that THEE Dean P Groover?

  • john phyyt

    Remember ! Use your mind; very occassionally you will come across a left hand thread: The shift rod on my aftermarket quickshifter has one , so it isn’t just ancient machines either.

  • David Blaska

    Great advice! I just had the same problem, used hex sockets instead of Torx and reamed out the bolt heads. Ordered the Easy Outs and purchased Craftsman Bolt Outs (which did not work). So I hit them with a hammer, squired the Liquid Wrench, and tapped in a one-size larger Torx socket. Voila!

    • Evans Brasfield

      Nice job! Maybe I should’ve added an additional step for persistence.

  • Mark Wagila

    Oh, the joy of snapping off an easy-out!

    • Evans Brasfield

      I feel your pain!