Leather Therapy Leather Treatment Kit Review

Clean up your cool factor

The time had come, and I had a decision to make. Should I be cool or not cool? That is the question I faced. You see, my expensive leather jacket was just getting that trendy, worn, and a-bit-beat-up-look that so many people that ride motorcycles savor. I know of guys that dragged their new leathers down the street to help the process a bit.

So now the folks at Leather Therapy send me their kit of products that will put my jacket back in top shape and looking better than new. So do I use their stuff and lose my hard-earned 'cool' status?  Oh yeah. I paid too much for my leather jacket to have it fall apart before it should, and I bet you paid a lot for your leather too, so Leather Therapy is the way to go.

Leather Therapy leather treatment kit has everything you’ll need to clean, rejuvenate and even waterproof your leather goods. All items seen here, and an applicator sponge not pictured, are included in the kit.

The Leather Therapy products include Leather Infusion Wash and Rinse for use in the home laundry, a separate Leather Wash, Restorer & Conditioner, Leather Finish, and Waterproofing product along with a sponge applicator. After consulting with Anna at Leather Therapy, I found that my jacket could go right into the clothes washer for the wash part of the treatment with some of the Infusion Wash mixed in.  Leather Infusion Rinse was added into the softening dispenser.  The thought of tossing my jacket in the washing machine made me a bit nervous, but she assured me that this would be fine. Just choose a hand wash or gentle cycle, and all will be well. So in it went, and out it came much cleaner looking and smelling great. All the grime was gone and it already looked better than it had in a long time, but I wasn't finished. You can dry the leather by hanging on a padded hanger, or just lay it out on a flat surface with a towel under the jacket.

Here's a look at the complete Leather Therapy lineup.

After letting the leather dry, I applied the Restorer & Conditioner to the jacket to get even more moisture back into those dried-out areas. It took two applications of the product to really bring back the luster of the jacket. After this treatment, the jacket looked fantastic, but I had one more step to go.

After letting the Restorer & Conditioner do its work, I applied the Leather Finish to my jacket which really brought out the shine and even color. Some people might skip this step, but I think it really made the jacket look great because it not only made it shine but completely eliminated the wear marks on my jacket, as you can see in the before and after pictures. I did not use the Waterproofing Product on my jacket, but I did use it on my boots and a short test with the water hose showed positive results with that.

Here’s a shot of Longride’s trusty jacket before treatment with Leather Therapy. And here’s what the jacket looked like after treatment.

So I have to say that the Leather Therapy products worked their magic on my worn leather jacket. They worked so well, my 'cool' status took a huge hit. The process is easy and the products rejuvenated my jacket. All I know is that my expensive leather jacket will look better, and last longer, than it would have without using Leather Therapy, and what could be cooler than that? Leather Infusion 4oz. gift set is $8.50 and their Sampler kit retails for $21.95 so you can get your leathers in shape, too. Check out all their products at LeatherTherapy.com

Look for more “before and after” photos of Longride’s jacket in the photo gallery.

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