Leather Therapy Product Test

Make your old leather jacket look like new again

Your leather jacket really does do a pretty important job, what with keeping your skin intact should push ever come to shove, so show your appreciation with this great selection of leather treatment goodies from Leather Therapy.

The people behind Leather Therapy got going with a range of leather care products for the equestrian field back in 1995, and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, expanding into other fields like motorcycling.

The Leather Therapy motorsports range includes a wash, restorer/conditioner, water repellent, leather infusion wash, leather infusion rinse, touch-up leather dye and a leather finish.

Collectively, they’ll keep your leathers looking spic and span, whether you bought them last year or last century.

The different products are available separately in a variety of sizes, or you can get most of them in the one handy Motor Sports Sampler. Visit http://www.leathertherapy.com/ for more information.

I bought my first leather jacket at age 14 after watching The Wild One, but it wasn’t a Brando-style item as my after school job of refilling oil bottles (remember those?) at a service station (remember them?) didn’t pay enough. I also combed my hair like James Dean and sneered a lot, a la Elvis. But those are stories for another time, because what we’re about here is washing leather. Never, ever over many years of wearing leather, did I ever think I’d stuff a leather jacket into a washing machine.

And of course, I didn’t experiment on any of my own leather, no sirree Bob, but I was all-too-ready to sacrifice wife Jane’s jacket in the cause of product testing. Fortunately for my relationship, the Leather Infusion Wash and Leather Infusion Rinse, both from Leather Therapy, do everything they claim they do.

Jane’s 18-year-old, well-worn leather jacket, showing the signs of many miles. You can plainly see the leather’s getting a bit tired in places.

Magic in a bottle – the Leather Therapy Leather Infusion Wash and Rinse. Stuff the jacket into a an old pillow case, add the wash and rinse and start the machine.

Looking brand new, the revitalized leather jacket feels soft to the touch and ready to give years more service. A side benefit of being able to wash leather is that sewn-on cloth badges also come up looking clean and new too.

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