Fieldsheer Four Season Mesh Ladies Pant Review

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Be sure to read the review ( linked below) of Fieldsheer’s Ladies Adventure Jacket. The Adventure jacket matches nicely to the Four Season Mesh Pants.

When the weather gets hot, safety and comfort become dreaded arch enemies, and your pliable grey matter is their battleground of choice. That favorite leather jacket is suddenly an object of dread, and the thought of tugging on overpants makes your hands tremble. Yet you’re equally unkewl with the thought of being found by EMTs, buck-ass naked whimpering in a ditch with your blue jeans belt-sanded into confetti across three zip codes.

Not to worry, Cap’n, the bright minds at Fieldsheer are on the case. Their Four Season mesh pants are constructed with two overlapping layers of a highly abrasion resistant FieldSheer Polytitanium Max Mesh to allow ventilation without exposing skin through the pinholes. The mesh pants are reinforced with 1000 denier DuPont Teflon coated Maxtena for added asphalt armor in critical regions such as the seat, knees, and er… loins. Common high impact areas are protected by SP memory foam hip pads, with removable CE-approved Ribb armor in the knees. A series of Velcro strips within the kneepad pouches allow you to locate and secure the positioning of the armor for optimal ergonomics.

Highly reflective Phoslite® has been prominently integrated to help warn off even the most cellphone-distracted cagers at night. Standardized 8-inch zipper connectors allow the pants to be joined as one in holy matrimony with a compatible jacket.

While the Maxtena reinforcement and minimal air circulation across the upper thigh somewhat limits ventilation to that area, according to Mrs. EBass, “The mesh in the lower legs allows for air circulation where you’ll get the most benefit. It would be great to use over shorts or a bikini if you were on a quick trip to a local BBQ, or beach party, and didn’t want to spend the whole day feeling hot and miserable in jeans.”

As for fitment, Mrs. EBass’ first impression was that, “The full-length leg zipper and Velcro cuff make the mesh pants a breeze to slip in and out of with my boots on. The liner also has a full length zipper so it’s just as easy, even with it in. Despite the extra padding, the pants are very comfortable and there is no excessive bunching at all.” The well-thought-out trousers also feature Velcro and elastic waist-band adjustments and stretch panels throughout. Clearly a lot of thought went into optimizing proper fit and comfort of movement.

A plethora of hi-tech fabrics used in the Four Season Pant provide excellent protection while allowing for a comfortable, casual fit. A full-length leg zipper and Velcro cuff make slipping in and out of the Four Season Pant a breeze even while wearing boots.

With the liner inserted, the Four Season Pants also delighted the perpetually chilly Mrs. EBass by shrugging off any and all evil elements of wind and cold with total imperviousness. While it doesn’t offer much abrasion resistance by itself, the pants liner can be worn separately, has pockets front and back, and is perfect in winter for walking the dog, checking the mailbox, or otherwise keeping one’s lower half warm under non-armor-requiring circumstances.

If you’re feeling like this get-up just might be the right one for you, Mrs. EBass advises prospective purchasers that some forethought and accurate measurement will pay big dividends in terms of the trousers’ fit. A simple formula would be to select one size bigger than suggested by the size chart if you plan for use primarily as overpants with the liner in, but you should try them on if at all possible. If not, you may want to email the U.S. distributor’s customer service department for a sizing recommendation.

In addition to comfort and safety, versatility is key for any garment that wants to contend for space in a rider’s closet. If you have to carry separate gear for every circumstance you might encounter, you better be traveling with a chase vehicle. But if well-rounded, all-weather performance is what you’re after, these Four Season Pants from Fieldsheer (also available in Men’s sizes) cover pretty much all of your bases.

The Four Season Mesh Pants for women are available in sizes XS to 5XL, come in black or silver, and have an MSRP of $184.95.

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