Scorpion Women's Haley Pants Review

Style and protection in one

Last week we brought you a review of the stylish Scorpion Nikki jacket. If you looked at any of the pictures closely, you may have also taken note of the matching pants.


You might think the Haley Pants and Nikki Jacket are part of a two-piece design, because they fit so well together. But, surprise, they are not. Scorpion has designed its women’s line to be interchangeable, so you can mix and match every piece to create different outfits depending on your preference or even mood.

Besides the obvious clue of different names that pants and jacket aren’t a suit, the Haley Pants don’t have a center belt loop to attach to the jacket, which is actually a real bummer. Attaching the pants to the jacket would prevent the jacket from rising up and it would enable both pieces to stay together in case of a crash – heaven forbid. Not only is road rash painful, but it never goes well with a cocktail dress.

Design details like screened graphics and embossed logos match the Nikki Jacket’s design features.
The Haley Pants’ width can be adjusted seamlessly with corset-style leather strings.

The Haley Pants are protective and adjustable for the different shapes and sizes that women come in. They come in black as well as off-white with black. Manufactured from heavy-duty, perforated, drum-dyed leather, they will protect your skin with level four abrasion resistance. But like the Nikki jacket, they aren’t meant to provide track-worthy protection. Please, don’t get a zipper and knee sliders attached to go to the track, which some people might want to do. Rather, spend the money on an actual track suit. Safety first!

The doubled-up butt area is designed to save the same, but the infamous “diaper butt” look appears after the leather has been stretched in that area from sitting on the bike. The leather stretch panel in the back above the butt doesn’t really help there. Due to the lack of a center belt loop, the stretch panel only pulls the waist down out from underneath the belt, instead of pulling the butt up - which would help the rear view. The Exo-Stitch Safety Seams in all impact areas should prevent the single leather panels from coming apart in a slide on hard pavement.

'Scorpion managed to design the low-rise pants really well, with an eye for fashion and cool looks.'

The removable Exo-Tec CE armor on hips and knees are, for my proportions, slightly in the wrong place. The hips are a little low on the low-rise pants, and the knee pads rise up to my thighs once sitting on a bike in the typical knees-up sportbike position. But as mentioned earlier, we all come in different shapes and sizes. When buying new gear, make sure it fits snugly and that all the armor is in the right place. You don’t want it shifting if you make unexpected contact with the asphalt. Not only can the armor move away and expose your joints in the event of a crash, loose leather will also create folds that can cause burns in a slide.

Many riders hate wearing leather in warm weather conditions, so they sometimes would rather take the risk of injury. I always say: “better sweating than bleeding!” The Haley pants are designed for warm-weather riding. The perforated leather in crotch and hip areas, underneath the butt and down the inside of the legs, don’t let as much air through as Kevlar stretch panels would, but still provide a pretty good ventilation system for airflow when on the bike.

Scorpion managed to design the low-rise pants really well, with an eye for fashion and cool looks. Like the Nikki Jacket, women who have seen the Haley Pants tell me they want a pair for themselves.

For us women and our different shapes, the pant legs are adjustable with corset-like leather strings on the outer thighs, which not only allows seamless adjustability but also provide a feminine, sexy look. Scorpion even thought of adding little pockets to tuck in the ends of the strings. For different riding styles, the boot-cut pants can be tightened with two straps on the bottom of each leg for an aerodynamic fit, and a zipper on the inside of the leg helps to get the pants over even bulky race boots.

Also the Haley pants have cool design elements all over. There are, like on the Nikki Jacket, tattoo-inspired screened graphics, embroidered Scorpion designs and embossed logos to give the pants a feminine but tough biker-chick look.

The Haley pants are available in sizes XS to XL and retail for $269.95. I believe this is a solid deal for pants that can literally save your butt. Safe, sassy and sexy is a tough combination to beat!

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