Yamaha Reports 2010 Sales Results

Record motorcycle sales mark return to profitability

By N/A, Feb. 16, 2011
Yamaha Motor Co. sold 19.2% more motorcycles worldwide in 2010 than it did the previous year, resulting in a 10.9% increase in sales revenue.

Increased sales and dramatically reduced costs helped Yamaha return to profitability in 2010. Yamaha Motor Co. made a profit of 18.3 billion yen (US$218 million) in 2010, compared to a loss of 218.1 billion yen (US$2.6 billion) recorded in 2009. Motorcycles and ATVs represented 70% of Yamaha’s business which also includes marine products and power products.

Yamaha Company sold 6.96 million motorcycles in the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2010, a record high and an increase from the 5.84 million units sold in 2009. Most of the increase came from the Asian market where Yamaha sold 6.1 million units, compared to the 5.0 million units sold in 2009. In fact, the 1.1 million unit increase was greater than Yamaha’s total sales from the rest of the world combined, a testament to the strong growth in nations such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Motorcycle sales generated 906.0 billion yen (US$10.8 billion) in revenue, up from the 817.1 billion yen (US$9.7 billion) recorded in 2009. The Asian market now represents more than two-thirds of Yamaha’s motorcycle sales revenue, with 607.9 billion yen (US$7.2 billion) in sales.

North American sales continue to decrease, with the 53,000 units sold in 2010 representing a 42.4% drop from the 92,000 units sold in 2009. North American motorcycle sales generated 34.1 billion yen (US$405.8 million), a 41.3% decrease.

For 2011, Yamaha forecasts continued growth in emerging markets while sales in Europe and the U.S. are expected to continue to struggle.