Isle of Man TT racer remembered

Paul Dobbs died in Supersport race

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jun. 17, 2010
New Zealand racer Paul Dobbs will be buried on the Isle of Man where he died doing what he loved.

Dobbs, also known by his nickname Dobsy, died June 10 in a crash during the second Supersport race at the 2010 Isle of Man TT. Dobbs’ family is inviting the public to attend his funeral June 21 in Douglas, Isle of Man. Those attending are asked to “dress as Dobsy would recognize you – team shirts and marshal jackets very welcome.”

After the service, riders will form a motorcycle escort for Dobbs’ hearse to the Lonan Church for the interment.

In a statement released earlier in the week, Dobbs’ wife Bridget thanked New Zealand racer Bruce Anstey who dedicated his third place finish in the Senior TT to his fallen countryman. Dobbs’ friend and rival Paul Owen also received thanks for his actions following the crash.

Also competing in the second Supersport race, Owen stopped his bike at the scene of the crash, abandoning his race, to assist marshals. Owens took a race marshal’s yellow flag and took over his duties so the marshal could attend to Dobbs. For his actions, Owens was awarded the inaugural Spirit of the TT Award, created to award selfless contribution to the Isle of Man TT.

“Paul was perhaps Dobsy’s greatest rival and friend at the TT. They were very evenly matched and Dobsy measured his performance against Paul’s. They invariably got together soon after a practice or race to share their experiences. Paul’s selfless and big hearted action on Thursday moves me beyond words. Without hesitation, he did everything in his power to try to help Dobsy. Paul truly embodies the spirit of the TT and I wish the award could be named after him for posterity.”

Dobbs’ team, Hallett Aviation Racing, has announced it is withdrawing from all competition. The decision follows team owner Neil Hallett’s long-time policy to stop competing if any of the team’s riders were to be injured racing.

Dobbs is survived by his wife and daughters Eadlin and Hillberry who shares her name with a corner on the Isle of Man TT’s mountain course.

Austrian racer Martin Loicht also died in a separate crash during the race. No funeral announcements have been announced.

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