2009 Vespa S and LX get fuel injection

125cc and 150cc scooters switch carbs for EFI

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 14, 2009
Vespa has equipped 125cc and 150cc versions of the Vespa S and LX scooters with fuel injection.

The iconic scooter manufacturer says the change from carburetors to electronic fuel injection will give the four-stroke air cooled engines of the LX and S more power and torque at lower engine speeds, important for urban riding with frequent stops.

Vespa also cited lower emissions and fuel consumption as added benefits of switching to fuel injection.

The Vespa LX ie.
The Vespa S ie.

The 2009 Vespa LX 125 ie and 150 ie (the “ie” stands for “iniezione elettronica”, Italian for “fuel injection”) carries many classic Vespa styling cues such as the round headlight, wide steel leg shield. The seat has been reshaped for a wider and more contoured saddle while the rear view mirrors and mudguard receive new chrome details.

The 2009 Vespa S 125 ie and 150 ie claim roots in the Special 50 and Primavera of the ’70s. The bodywork is sportier than the LX and features a rectangular headlight.

The 125 versions of the S and LX has a claimed crankshaft output of 10.7 hp at 8,250 rpm with 7.08 ft-lb of torque at 6,500 rpm. The 150 versions claim 12.1 hp at 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 8.7 ft-lb at 6,250 rpm.

The Vespa LX 125 ie and 150 ie are available in six colors: Vulcano Black, Montebianco White, Cortina Grey, Dragopn Red, Taormina Orange, Midnight Blue and Lime Yellow.

The Vespa S 125 ie and 150 ie are available in four colors: Dragon Red, Lucido Black, Montebianco White and Taormina Orange.

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