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Riding the Vespa LX 150 back-to-back with the LX 50 turned out to be the perfect setup. I remember getting off the LX 50 and saying… “perfect… keep it all the same, give it a bit more power and it’s the perfect modern Vespa”. Well the following day I’m riding exactly that… so is it perfect? Well no… but it is close.

The Vespa LX 150 makes 11.5 horsepower which is considerably more than the 50cc version. It instantly transforms the bike into a proper commuter weapon. The LX 150 is also straight up sexy to a vast amount of people; both women and men seem to find its styling appealing. Everywhere I went people simply had to ask me a few questions or relate their own Vespa experiences to me. The 150 is exactly what I’d imagine a modern Vespa should look like… they kept a few visual cues from the days of old and simply brought the rest of the design forward with modern flowing lines.

Living with the LX 150 is pretty simple; it does everything it’s supposed to do in a rather dependable fashion. First off, it handles surprisingly well; it’s not as fast or as chuckable as some of the lighter 125 and 150cc bikes but Vespa was never trying to compete with them directly. What the Vespa does well is give the rider a quiet confidence; the solid metal construction of the scooter means it doesn’t rattle and bump over small undulations like most bikes it competes with.

Braking is pretty good but not outstanding; see when I imagined the LX 50 with more power I guess I should have factored in a brake upgrade as well. The 200mm front disc is strong with good lever feedback but you have to wonder how a 150cc scooter capable of 107kp/h is only fitted with a drum brake on the back wheel. At this price and performance point twin discs should virtually be a given.

Performance is solid but not breathtaking. The engine makes its 11.5hp easily and is obviously tuned for fuel consumption, longevity and the new Euro3 emissions standards. Straight away I was looking for just a little more power. Around town it was fine, it was just out on the highway where the 150cc engine could have done with a few more horsepower; I really mean just a few…I imagine the same bike with 15hp would be perfect. However the LX 150 still works just fine on the highway and will get up to around 107kph (66mph) given enough time.

'Build quality is exceptional; the LX really does feel like it will last a lifetime.'

Ease of use is pretty much as good as it gets; everything works well, you can easily fit a full face helmet in the under seat storage area and there’s plenty of room in the front lockable glove box for various smaller items. At 110kg it can be a little hard to get on the centre stand but it probably won’t be issue for most owners. If that fails there’s always the included side stand. Vespa have been making scooters for a long time and it really feels like they’re starting to hit their stride when it comes to ease of use.

Build quality is exceptional; the LX really does feel like it will last a lifetime. Unlike a lot of cheaper scooters you don’t feel like you’re buying a rapidly replaceable item with the LX. Really there isn’t much wrong with the LX 150.

Summing up, it comes down to a simple question. Are you concerned with the last few tenths of performance or do want something strong and reliable with a fantastic modern take on the classic Vespa styling? If you do then get out there and test ride the LX 150, it’s simply an all round solid modern scooter. Don’t even be concerned with the extra money it will cost over many of its competitors as it’s a Vespa and they really do hold their value.

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Highs: Sighs:
Fantastic styling Excellent overall quality build Solid reliable handling Excellent resale value High price Could do with a couple more horsepower Weak rear drum brake

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