A DOT approved helmet is the most important piece of safety gear that a motorcyclist can wear. Still, the range of legal helmets covers (or doesn’t cover) a wide range of protection. Since we’re street-wise enough to know that not everyone shares our belief in the importance of protective headgear.

Lend us your voice, oh MOrons! What is your preferred style of helmet?


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  • Alexander Pityuk

    There is nothing to discuss, really. Just wanna say that there is a high threshold to good modulars, because they got to have metal opening mechanism, which is expensive. For the same amount of money full-face is safer.

    • Robs

      Modulars tend to be heavier as well. Might make them uncomfortable, and adds energy to impacts.

  • Starmag

    Now that I’ve had a good modular for awhile, ( Multitech) I’ll never go back to a regular full face. The only downside they don’t look as cool as say my Arai, but I’m old enough to not care about peer pressure anymore and it is way more convenient at gas stations and the like. For the extra uncool factor, I wear sunglasses with it with no face shield at all because I still think the wind in my face is an enjoyable part of motorcycling for me. I used to wear an open face for just that very reason until I saw a helmet manufacturer that made a full face with the percentage of strikes printed on each area of the helmet and the face bar took the brunt.

  • Chris

    Arai, full-face, long-oval head shape. The only way to go…for me.

  • JMDonald

    As a kid open face no name helmets. A Bell full face circa 1979 to 1990. Arai full face from then till 2009. Schuberth modular currently. How sad for me that I can remember this stuff.

  • Vrooom

    No one with a novelty helmet knows they have a novelty helmet.

    • Lynchenstein

      Or as a good friend once said, “If you don’t think you need to wear a helmet, you’re right.”

  • Roger Farrier

    I’ve been wearing a full face since the ’80’s when I highsided with an old school 3/4 and the first thing that hit was my face. My wearing a full face likely saved me a few years ago when I was struck in the head by a bird when I was traveling at 80 mph. It cracked the face shield and put deep scratches in it and I had a headache for 3 days but the important thing is that I stayed in the bike to ride another day.

    • bobplugh

      I was traveling in Texas back in 1981 at roughly 115 mph when a HUGE bug hit the helmet so hard my head snapped back a bit. When I stopped I saw a huge crack in the face shield – glad it didn’t get to my face. Back then when I traveled long distance a lot I always took a spare face shield too (good thing). I was wearing my Bell M-1 (which back then wasn’t DOT approved but still one of the best helmets around).

      These days I wear an Arai Corsair V.

  • Brian Clasby

    Currently a modular but it seems rather noisy, so I may switch to a regular full-face in hopes it will be quieter.

    • Bruce Steever

      Wear a better one. Shoei and Schuberth’s modular helmets are some of the quiets lids in the industry.

      • Ian Parkes

        Got a Schuberth C3Pro but it’s still noisier than a full face.

        • Bruce Steever

          That’s… odd. My C3 Pro is the quietest helmet i currently own, better even than the GT-Air…

          • Ian Parkes

            I don’t have data. Maybe I’m getting more turbulence from this bike’s screen. Changed bike at the same time .Felt noisier. Still needed ear plugs. C3 was better after I installed some sound deadening foam in the ear pockets – but that came out again when I iinstalled a Sena intercom.

      • Brian Clasby

        Good to know – I have a fairly cheap Fulmer . . .

  • Bruce Steever

    Lovely how #3-8 aren’t helmets.

  • Uncommon Sense

    I like modular, so I can open it up when I am doing slower speeds/stop n go around town and get some fresh air/wind in my face. However, once I start going more than say 45-50mph consistently, I lower the face shield.

    I also have a 50cc scooter at a vacation home. Usually only wear a half helmet.

    In my mind, something is better than nothing. I never ride without a helmet.

    While I’d love to be ATGATT, it isn’t realistic imho. We have to make choices and for me it is basically a judgment call regarding the risk I am willing to take.

    • Jeff LaLone

      I don’t do ATGATT either, but I always put on my full-face helmet. Currently an HJC CL-17 that I’m… not exactly in love with. But it fits my head and it’s DOT/SNELL approved.

    • Doc.

      Tell me this, how many car drivers wear a fire-proof suit and a helmet?

  • Robs

    Full face….several to choose from…

    • pcontiman

      ur killin’ me Robs

  • pcontiman

    My father bought me a Bell Full Face (orange of course) when I got my first bike at 17. He wasn’t a rider at the time but as the old saying goes, “father knows best”. Many years later now, I wear a Shoei full face I bought when they were reasonable and a 2nd hand Arai I had to buy to see how the other half lives. No windshield on the bike and I pop the visor under 60 and still get the wind in my face. Right where I like it.

  • Douglas

    A full face for cool weather hiway ridin’, a visored police-type with zipin ear & neck liner, and 2 different sizes of half helmets for the occasional passenger. Most riding is around the metro doing errands, etc, and for that I prefer a snugfit baseball cap because of the bill/visor. Can’t stand to see the sun at all, even w/shades.

  • Steve Kimmel

    I’ve got an AFX FX90, waiting to upgrade to the AFX FX45 DS

  • JWaller

    Bell Vortex full face helmet and a Scorpion EXO-900X modular. I prefer the Bell. It’s just more comfortable for me. I can’t ride without a full face helmet. I only put the modular part of the Scorpion up at stops; gas stations and such. I NEVER use it as a 3/4 helmet. I can’t stand the thought of my face plowing into the tarmac and becoming even uglier than I already am.

  • ADB

    Arai Signet Q. Late in life, so I can finally afford one of the best.

  • Andy C

    Full-face Shoei GT Air for me. Though I think my next helmet will be a modular.

  • allworld

    For me; It’s a full face helmet, and the fit must be right, comfort is also a major factor too. My helmets get replaced as needed and I won’t ride with an expired one. I always use earplugs and keep my visor clean. I look forward to the next generation of “smart helmets” being developed.

  • Old MOron

    Hey Evans, I came back to check the voting and the comments. You didn’t have the captions under the pictures when you first posted the survey, did you?

    “With a face like this, who needs protection?”

    Are you talking about motorcycle helmets, or contraceptives? Har har har!

    • Evans Brasfield

      It had captions before. I can’t believe you missed my brilliant comments!

      Of course, I was referring to helmets…

      • Old MOron

        Yes, they are good captions. Sometimes I only have time for a cursory reading. But I always come back for at least one perusal.

  • Mahatma

    Got an arai chaser v at half price,so thats mine until next crash;)

  • ColoradoS14

    Shoei and a new AGV Rossi.

  • cr0ft

    Modular. Specifically, a Nolan that has all metal locks and clasps; all the Nolans have a 100% “front stays closed” rating over at the UK SHARP testing site.

    I’d never ride with an open face helmet without chin protection. Already been in one crash where I’d have lost half my face without a full-face; the modular is a good compromise, can pop it open at a standstill and take a drink etc without taking the whole thing off.

  • PDG

    I plan on landing on the top of my head when in a state the requires a helmet.
    For all other times I am a registered organ donor.

    I recommend wearing one, but I am to old to change now…

  • TonyCarlos

    Full face and/or mods for me.
    In fact I started wearing them when the choice was a Bell Star or nothing. Couldn’t afford the pricey new Stars, so I bought a kit that allowed you to screw a chin piece onto your open face helmet for a do-it-yourself full face.
    I’m currently contained within my Schuberth, which is nice, but don’t be mislead by the “quietest flip-up” claims. I still have to wear my ear plugs.

  • Jay Stevens

    Arai Signet-Q – the only thing I have found that fits like it was made for me, and ATGATT always. I live in north Texas, so in the summer it gets a little warm.

  • Jean-Paul Taylor

    AGV Corsa

  • Joe P

    Schuberth C3 Pro Modular