When Victory Motorcycles announced in mid-October that it would reveal a new motorcycle at EICMA 2015, riders who follow Victory and its parent company, Polaris, knew that the bike would most likely be the production result of the company’s Project 156 Pikes Peak racing effort from this past summer. Well, they/we were right – and wrong. While the new engine displayed by Victory today is the production version of the Project 156 effort that will power a future 1200cc class motorcycle and “deliver the strongest power and performance in its class,” the bike is said to be just a concept. Still, the question remains: Exactly how far along is this concept?

Victory To Unveil New Model At EICMA

What Victory will let us know about the engine is that the basic architecture of the engine is the same as the one use in Project 156, utilizing the same crankcase, v-angle, rotating bottom-end, transmission and clutch set-up. Victory will also kindly informed us that it uses DOHC (with presumably four valves per cylinder) and is liquid-cooled, but we have eyes and already know this. Although Victory hadn’t previously stated it, common assumption was that the engine is a repurposed and updated Indian Scout engine, and Victory has finally confirmed that the engine is derived from within the Polaris family:

“Project 156 is a purpose built racer that took our engine design to one of the most challenging races on the planet – it was a proving ground like no other that set the bar very high for our team,” says Victory Motorcycles General Manager Rod Krois. “This engine platform, which uses designs from other Polaris products having sold over 200,000 engines, will deliver on the promise of modern American muscle that is in the DNA of every current and future product we sell. Victory will continue to aggressively plot a new course for itself and where an American motorcycle brand can go.”

Victory Ignition Concept

Still, there still might be some surprises hidden away that we’ll learn from the manufacturer in the upcoming months timeframe that Victory has said it will release more information. Without even looking at the calendar, we know that would put it around Daytona Bike Week season, and Victory has publicly stated “this new engine will power a new model to be released in 2016.” Perhaps we should start booking our plane tickets, now.

The concept motorcycle itself was built by Switzerland-based builder Urs Erbacher who is well-known and respected within the Euro custom motorcycle community and is a multi-time drag racing champion. While the choice of a European builder might seem odd for an American motorcycle manufacturer, Victory had a plan behind the selection. “We knew any production version of the Project 156 race motor would be a great centerpiece in any American bike, but we wanted to see a European take on the design for EICMA. So, we sought out Urs Erbacher to see his vision,” explains Gary Gray, Director Motorcycle Product. “In the end I think we have a concept bike that both American and European consumers can get excited about.”

Victory Ignition Concept

The bike itself, dubbed the “Victory Ignition Concept,” is an aggressive piece of machinery that reflects Erbaeher’s drag racing background and was built at his shop, Fat Attack Custom Bikes AG. The lines swoop rearward from the flat bar through the solo seat to a curvaceous abbreviated fender. Naturally, the engine is the jewel in this setting with a sexy, hand-built exhaust embracing the V-Twin’s cylinders.

MO Man on the Ground at EICMA (also known as E-i-C) Duke did some snooping around the Ignition Concept and says, “Note the frame, a cast aluminum piece, which is something no custom builder can do, certainly not in the three weeks Urs had to work on it. So, the die is cast, pun intended!” A close look at the frame also shows a family resemblance to how the Indian Scout’s radiator shroud integrates with the frame at its connection to the steering head, but it does not look to be the same unit. So, where did this frame come from? No other Victory has one like it. Hmm…

While inverted forks have been on Victorys ranging from the company’s first muscle bike, the Hammer, to the entire current baggers line, none have been as beefy or purposeful-looking as those on the Ignition Concept. Duke has also informed us that Victory representatives hinted that the production version would not include the sexy Brembo brakes. The wheels and the Metzeler Racetec tires look the part on this in-your-face machine.

Victory Ignition Concept

We will be looking forward to Victory’s further announcements about the upcoming model based on the Victory Ignition Concept and the new engine. Until then, we can only consider these photos – and not so patiently wait.

Follow the rest of our 2015 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2016 motorcycle announcements.

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  • Auphliam

    I don’t know what I think. I mean, it looks good. I guess I was just really hoping for more than a Victory Scout with a 156 paint job. And NOBODY is going to take their “performance brand” claims serious as long as they insist on forward controls. Period. Victory, you will never get out of the box until you step out of the box.

  • Fivell50

    Such a disapointment

  • Jeff Keene

    Do the North American manufacturers really need to put out another cruiser? This is really disappointing. I was hoping for something to compete in the R 1200 R segment.

    • Or compete with the RT. There are naked american bikes, but no sport tourers save for may be the Motus, but that really it’s a mass produced bike yet.

  • Reid

    What a missed opportunity for a sporty standard/naked/roadster/cafe hipster bait anything but another cruiser.

    • Mahatma

      In it’s defence it looks ubercool,and maybe it’ll come.

  • Randy Darino

    a sporty naked would give victory cred,not another cruiser.Not impressed.

  • Old MOron

    OH, NO! For God’s sake, not another feet-forward cliche. What an anticlimax.

  • How will Polaris differentiate between the Indian and Victory brands? I really don’t see the point of keeping Victory as another cruiser line.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I think they’re trying to make Victory more performance oriented, and I expect that they’ll start pushing the design envelope a little more. I wouldn’t rule out something that strays further from cruiserdom than the Ignition, but it will take time. I see this concept bike as the beginning of a transition that might open a path to doing something more naked bike-ish. Then again, what do i know…

      • Do you think their new electric moto will be standard or cruiser? I’d bet on cruiser-ish.

        • Evans Brasfield

          I’m torn, but you may be right.

          Now how do you get that V-Twin rumble in an electric? Out of balance bearings in the motor?

          • Just put your baseball cards on the frame so they strum the spokes.

          • Evans Brasfield

            I actually tried to do that for photos in a Zero test I wrote before I started at MO. I had too short a deadline to pull it off, though.

        • Kevin Duke

          I’d take you up on that bet. 🙂

    • TroySiahaan

      With a name like Victory, MotoGP has got to be the company’s future! That or lawn mower drag racing.

      • Quick, get Dorna on the line! New class to replace Moto2: MotoMower

    • Kevin Duke
  • Trenchanting

    It’s a concept bike, used to showcase the new engine. Reading the article it will likely use the same frame as this concept bike, but beyond that it’s anybody’s guess. I’m going out on a limb and say that the tank comes from the production version as well, the lines just look too polished to be custom fabricated. Other than that, who knows what the final bike will look like.

  • allworld

    Is Victory readying up to take on the Ducati XDiavel?
    Personally I am not interested in Cruises, so lost opportunity Polaris sort of a Non-Victory.

  • Randy Pancetalk

    so tired of concept vehicles. Basically “we’re going to tease you with something you can’t have now or maybe ever”.

    FU to any maker who shows these “teasers” to the public. While victory is showing us vaporware, Ducati has a bike you can buy very soon. FU Victory.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I think this might be closer to reality than some concepts. At least, I hope so. Still, you sound like you’ve had a tough day and need to go for a ride. So go! I only say this because I need one, too…

  • Kenneth

    I’ve saved some photos of the new Bonneville on my desktop, and compared this, side-by-side, to them. They show strength, along with graceful lines and what I consider timeless beauty, while this… creation looks artificially Gothic and clunky (especially the over-emphasized radiator structure from the Scout frame). Not a fan.

  • Scott

    Like everyone else I’m really disappointed by this. Get a bunch of Americans dreaming they will finally have a domestic bike that’s not a @#$/^&* cruiser and then give them a @#$/^&* cruiser. It would be better if they had just said it was not feasible and cancelled it. This is just a slap in the face.

    Seems like the Pikes Peak 156 run was oddly prescient–so much potential and excitement, then a bewildering crash, followed by an ultimate fail. If this is not a DNF I don’t know what is.

  • TalonMech

    Like everyone else has posted already, I’m disappointed in Victory for showing up with yet another goddamned cruiser. I was so hopeful that we might FINALLY get an American bike worth riding. Anything but a cruiser. Our motorcycle industry is the laughing stock of the world. We are seen as a bunch of overweight slobs, riding around on chrome festooned boat anchors in leather vests, dirty jeans, and greasy hair under a dew rag.
    Enough with fucking cruisers already!

    • gibson000

      Wait until next month.. Victory is unveiling another bike. I have a feeling it will be a sport naked…

  • Craig Hoffman

    The bike looks like a Roland Sands wannabe. Kind of cool at first glance, but missing the mark upon further inspection. Get Sands on the case, he will fix it.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Looks good. Not as showy as RSD, much sleeker and cleaner lines. Too much Diavel’ish though.

  • Gary

    http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/victory/eicma-2015-victory-unveils-project-156-based-production-engine-in-concept-bike.html “Earlier, some had said that Polaris Industries, the Medina, Minn., maker of Victory and Indian motorcycles was a potential buyer.” I think an EBR/Polaris team-up would finally give us the world-class American sport-bike we’ve all been hoping for.

  • No brembo brakes? Why, are they afraid they might make a bike that can stop?

  • SRMark

    The pipe loops upward right where I’d want my feet to be. Seat is about 2 inches too low. Wheelbase looks a few inches too long. Not sure I’d want to take Pike’s Peak’s 156 turns on this thing. Keep the pretty paint, beat cruiser designers with the pipe. Better yet, take this over to Don Canet and ask him his opinion of this thing. Both this bike and the Indian Scout have great potential mired in cruiser goofiness.

  • Old MOron

    Hey Duke, you’re the MOron in Chief, and you’re on the EICMA scene. Why haven’t you told us about Benelli? Their Leoncino looks fantastic. Why am I posting this here? Because I want to make the point that even the Chinese are kicking Victory’s ass. I’d rather ride the Leoncino any day!


    • denchung

      Stay tuned. There’s more to come still.

    • Kevin Duke

      I went to the Benelli stand and asked about plans for America. Was told in broken English the person I needed to speak to wasn’t there and that I should email to inquire…

      • Old MOron

        Keep up the good work!

  • Antwan

    Total disappointment

  • TheMarvelous1310 .

    The only reason you guys are crying cruiser are the mid controls and tank shape, this looks like a standard to me. Really it reminds me of the first-generation Judge, which was very much a standard, and if it comes out exactly like this concept(fingers crossed!), the Yamaha V-MAX might actually have a class competitor!

    All this being said, THIS SHOULD BE THE SCOUT! It already has the engine and I think the frame, why are they determined to typecast The First Company as cruisers? Victory and Indian should be Triumph and Moto Guzzi, plus AMURICA! Victory is close, but Indian is looking like Clark Kent in a streetfight-getting its ass kicked by lesser companies, knowing they could wipe the floor with them if only they stopped playing weak.

  • Douglas

    That looks like a nawty scooter…..enticing its rider to do nawty (illegal) things….

  • CopperJohn

    I do believe it is a missed opportunity for Victory. I love my Vic – Vegas 8 Ball and I won’t ever get into a sport type bike, but we already have Victory, Indian and Harley making great cruisers. I would like to see Victory create a sport bike based on that engine – full fairing, race oriented geometry and all…something that would appeal to the crowd that buys the Japanese sport bikes.. On the positive side, I love the looks of the bike, but it just needs to lean to more of the sport bike side of things..just my opinion.

  • Degoragon

    There is still a chance for Polaris to bring a proper 156-Type bike into production, even though Victory is Gone, Indian can use a new “Ace” This can work especially well, given Indian’s racing past, and pikes peak pedigree. Personally, I think a Proper Sport or Sport tourer under the “Indian Ace” name, along with a revised Victory Vision under the “Indian Spirit” moniker would be a boon to the brand.