Sporting a California plate and looking production-ready, this new Suzuki looks set to expand our favorite class of motorcycles – sporting nakeds – bikes that include the KTM Super Duke R, BMW S1000R, Kawasaki Z1000 and Ducati’s Monsters.

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Sporting a tubular handlebar instead of clip-ons and therefore the more humane ergonomics that define the class, it would appear that the new S is powered by the previous, slightly less oversquare version of the mighty 999cc GSX-R four-cylinder that ran from 2005 to 2008 – a good choice if the goal is beefier midrange torque at the expense of a little top-end horsepower.


All the basic building blocks are there, including triple-disc brakes with Brembo calipers on the inverted fork, along with wheel-speed sensors which reveal ABS is at least an option. The current V-Strom 1000 includes a traction-control system, so Suzuki has the technology to include TC on this model.

Speaking of the V-Strom, Suzuki traditionally undercuts the competition price-wise, so we expect this one to be the Naked Bike for the Masses!, and to sell for at least a couple g’s less than the current model, $13,899 GSX-R1000. We’ll guess an $11,999 MSRP to match the Kawi Z1000.

Look for more to come from Suzuki: At the same time it applied for the GSX-S name, it also registered the GSX-F nomenclature. Maybe some kind of new Katana in the works?

081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-01 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-11 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-12 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-09 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-07 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-08 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-05 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-06 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-03 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-04 081114-2015-suzuki-gsx-s1000-spy-photos-02

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  • VeganLondonMan

    Cool! I find the styling a bit overwrought buy maybe not so much as the Z1000. Mechanically and pricewise should be a big hit

  • DickRuble

    Bike’s design is blah.. but the guy’s boots are cool. Anybody know what they are?They look like leather and I need a new pair.

  • 12er

    well its at least not a “Boost King”

  • Old MOron

    Can’t wait for the ride review. Please, JB, get yourself assigned to this one. I recall you liked the CB1000R. We’d like to hear your take on Suzuki’s version.

  • Randy Darino

    I’ll wait for the GSX-F.I need something with a real passenger pillion.Glad that suzuki got away from that 1250 bandit engine.

  • scott

    Speaking of the V-Strom, Suzuki traditionally undercuts the competition price-wise

    On what bike, Yamaha seems to be cheaper than them on every bike in every category. And even i this bike is $11999.00, for $4000.00 less the FZ09 will put that $4K in your pocket to think about upgrades to suspension and exhaust, ECU, airbox…which most people try and do anyway

    I view this is a reaction to Yamaha’s FZ09 and FZ07 which dealers across the country cannot keep on the floor, meanwhile every dealer in a 200mi radius of me has extra Gixxer, Honda’s, Kawasakis’, and even other Yamaha’s…I think they reacted to late, and as normal, they will price themselves out of the market.

    • Vrooom

      You could get the old V-Strom 1000s for $8.5K, I suspect that’s what they are referring to. The Tenere, while more of everything, was 5K more than that.

  • Kevin

    The Brembos look stout and the bike obviously has ABS, maybe ditching the auto division opened up some R&D money after all

  • 911f

    Companies seem so slow to react. I am glad the RR craze has slowed and am all for similar performance in upright allrounder ergos. But why must that come at the expense of any wind protection? These seem stuck in the “naked” craze that limits usabily in another direction. How much more usable a bike this would be with even an abbreviated fairing for some prtection from the elements.

    • Robotribe

      It’s been done, and it didn’t seem to attract the masses compared to faired sport bikes. I think nakeds are a more obvious (categorically) departure from that:

    • sgray44444

      As a Speed Triple owner, I couldn’t agree more! The naked bikes look amazing, but get on the highway for any length of time, and you quickly find out that a small fairing is worth having. Anything over 100mph on it and you are a barn door in the wind, unless you lay down on the tank.

  • allworld

    It looks good, I know I’m not alone in thinking, “tail tidey”. Perhaps a small wind screen would be nice as well, along with a rear grab rail.

  • Auphliam

    I don’t understand the Anime/Transformer/Alien Instect design features on these recent bikes. Why not just some smooth, functional looking plastics? I guess I’m getting old, but I REALLY don’t see the allure.

    • sgray44444

      I wish they would trend toward the classic styling, but with modern frame and performance. The angular thing is getting a little overdone at this point (pun intended).

  • unixfool

    They could’ve scaled down the B-King to 1000cc displacement and lightened it up a bit…they really didn’t need to reinvent…they already had a street-fighter (several, in fact), but killed it instead of doing something productive with it. The could’ve up-scaled the Gladius or brought back the SV1000, too.

    • Y.A.

      The B King was hideous and the Gladius is too feminine. I think they got it just right.

      • unixfool

        Not talking looks…looks are subjective. I’m talking streetfighter…they already have them…they need to do improve on what they have and quit trying to reinvent the wheel.

        • Y.A.

          Sport bikes are dead…. bikes like the Street Triple, FZ-09 are where sales are. A bike like this will sell.

          • unixfool

            If so, why are sport bikes still selling? I wasn’t talking sport bikes, anyways. Up above, I said streetfighter (ie, street bikes).

          • Y.A.

            Sport bikes aren’t selling. If they were, Honda, Yami, and Suzuki wouldn’t be selling bikes that haven’t seen development dollars in close to a decade. Triumph’s revamp of the 675 was an accident- they were too far into development to pull out. And Ducati/MV Agusta operate in a different sphere/market. Like I said… the B-King was a colossal failure and way too extreme in its looks…. the Gladius looks like a melted SV650 and is not worthy of a brand wide design language. SV1000 looks dated. This bike looks perfect and is in line with what the market wants while still clearly being a Suzuki.

          • unixfool

            Sport bikes ARE selling, otherwise, the makers would’ve stopped making them long ago. The B-King wasn’t a collossal failure…US buyers are just more finnicky than the rest of the world as it relates to cars and cycles. If it was extreme in it’s looks, Suzuki could’ve toned it down, instead of outright axing it. If the Gladius is as you say, they’d not be selling…it’s evident they are and have been for years. “SV1000 looks dated”. You’re way too focused on looks…again, looks are subjective and can always be changed to be more stylish (whatever that is) to attract buyers. Like I said earlier, Suzuki needs to quit flip-flopping and pick a bike to stick with and evolve. They haven’t been doing that, while the other makers have. Yes, they’re all struggling, but there will always be struggles to fight through…doing a half-assed job isn’t an option.

            This particular bike is not the holy grail that you’re making it out to be…I’m just not seeing it.

          • Y.A.

            Lol, if sports bikes are selling, then why is Kawi the only one out of the big four with sportbikes that aren’t 5+ years old? Who is buying new CBR600RRs when you can get the same one with upgrades and next to no miles for half the price?

            The B-King was such a huge hit here Suzuki pulled it out of the US market after a whole year. Gladius… same situation as the sportbikes. It’s selling just enough to continue to be sold but not enough to warrant serious development. A big bore V twin would be sweet, but they would have to update its looks. It’s silly to deny the impact looks have on bikes- again, look at the B-King… so no, it’s not silly to not want a bike to look dated. Why buy a 2014 SV1000 if it looks like and has all the same parts as a 2004 SV1000?

            Suzuki has bikes they have stuck with and are evolving… GSX-R, GSF, Gladius… nobody is buying them. They need something new that’s relevant to today’s market, and this naked bike is a great start.

            Plus it’s not even really a new product… Suzuki has had the GSR abroad for nearly a decade.

          • unixfool

            I think you’re confused. If they weren’t selling, they’d stop producing them altogether. You’re confusing non-refreshed sportbike models with being stagnant. That’s not really the case. As well, prices have creeped up over the years.

            Just because I mentioned an SV does not mean I want the same old SV. Again, you’re reading too much into things. Who said that they have to reboot a 2004 SV1000? I’m not asking for something similar to the Yamaha SR400.

            And just because Suzuki has been selling the GSR in other countries doesn’t mean such a bike will do well here (there’s a reason they’ve been holding back…there’s always a reason and it’s usually a correct assessment). I don’t really give a rat’s anus about non-US countries and the GSR…why would I? I live in the US.

            Suzuki USA has NOT been evolving. You said it yourself: “Why is Kawi the only one out of the big four with sportbikes that aren’t 5+ yrs old”. 5+ yr old bikes with no updates is NOT evolving…that’s stagnating. They’re not evolving but they’re still selling. As well, I stated sportbikes, not streetbikes such as the SVF650 (it is no longer called the Gladius).

          • Y.A.

            Sport bikes aren’t selling. They bounced back in 2013, but over the last decade sales have gone down a lot. If sport bikes sold more, the CBRs, GSX-Rs and Yamaha Rs would have been redesigned. A new CBR600RR is damn near a 10 year old design. Meanwhile, the CBR300/500, NC700xs, FZ-07/09 etc are all brand new. Manufacturers put money where they will get it back, and Japanese sports bikes are not a bright spot.

    • sgray44444

      I would love to see a new SV1000, but the market for this type of bike right now is 1000cc inline four overkill. A twin would likely not cut it in this segment any more (although, give me the twin any day).


    I preferred the B-King (wished I had picked up one of the last at $8,000) styling. All they had to do was fix up those wacky pipes on the BK.

  • Jai S.

    Is it me or does that rake look really far out?

  • Peter Marx

    Naked bikes are a throw back to the 60s, which we were delighted to leave when good fairings appeared. They are useless for any kind of speed or distance. A shame that so many potentially good bikes are ruined this way.

  • kenneth_moore

    Do I detect just a hint of Z1000 in the front end? I wish they’d made the tail stick up higher. I’m not sure it would completely crush my nuts as is.

  • Moonray13

    I’d be more interested in an upgraded Bandit or GSF-1250. Plenty of grunt, but with good ergos, some wind protection and hard bags. Suzuki is due for the next iteration.

  • Y.A.

    I like it. I think a 750 would have struck a more honest balance… this thing will be tough to insure and a little overpowered for naked street duty. But overall, long overdue and a smart departure for Suzuki. Make a gutsy square 750 I can insure and I might have to do something my wife might not like….

  • Stuki

    Cool enough, I suppose. Zuk already have the motor sorted and paid for, so it’s probably an easy way to enter a currently hot market.

    Pegs on this one look superbike high, with attendant tight kneebend…….. Doesn’t look comfortable.

    When RRs were all the rage amongst the gofast crowd, it didn’t take too long for the smart shoppers to step down to 600 class engines. And going by how bonkers both reviewers and owners go over the Street Triple, one would think at least one of the big Japanese would attempt to repurpose one of those for naked duty.

    The liter sized streetfighters are just as overkill as the liter sized RRs once was. 90+% of riders would likely go faster more comfortably on a 600 class bike in this style; just as they do on racereps. My vote, and money if execution and ergos are agreeable, would be for a Kawi Z636, but any of the others would be good as well.

    The liter sized I4s would serve better in a street bound adv bike. Think Multistrada slayer. Or sport tourer, like the brilliant Ninja 1000. Sans fairing, one’s even less likely to ever hit speeds where the added power versus a 600 makes a difference, than one is on a faired RR.

    • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

      Strangely, this was about the most comfy bike I sat on at NYIMS, and I sat broad range of styles and makes (including the vaunted FZs from Yamaha). I think it will prove surprisingly sit-able for us average height folks. Granted, I was in street shoes, not boots.

  • parambir singh

    The only way bike companies can survive is to either start manufacture of engine in India, to avoid 125% import duty or pusuade modi government to allow free imports of cbu and CKD let the Indians who have voted the government for ache din really come. Other wise by the time the government wakes up the fossil fuel might vanish from our limited earthly reserves. parambir singh SAIL